lose track

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lose track (of someone or something)

to lose contact with someone; to forget where something is. I lost track of all my friends from high school. Tom has lost track of his glasses again.
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lose track (of somebody/something)

to no longer be informed or know about something or someone I've lost track of most of my college friends.
Opposite of: keep track (of somebody/something)
See also: lose, track

lose track

see under keep track.
See also: lose, track
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Men in this age range who lose track of their cash "mysteriously spend" an average of $59 per week, or $3,078 per year, with more than half (56 percent) saying their cash "disappears" during a night out.
And you lose track of what they do, but you know you're making an impact on people's lives that's going to carry them.
But there's absolutely no reason to lose track of the email contacts you really care about just because you change your email address.
With this new service, mylifepath registrants will never lose track of an important article again.
Adding to the confusion, the mayor's wife is missing and the lawyer begins to lose track of whom he has told what.
Often in the rush for needing to find the right present, needing to take care of everybody, every party, we lose track of those things and get overwhelmed.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 1999--As technology grows and changes at a record pace, it's easy to lose track of what's current and what's not, especially for those in the throes of day-to-day data center management.
Some people just keep their connection up all the time, whether they are using it or not, or they lose track of time while online," said Coleman.
The preview frame is always visible as the user looks at Web pages, so the user doesn't lose track of search results and previews.
Once you link to someone in PlanetAll, you will never lose track of that person again.
Never lose track of information again with this global search
Anything that makes you lose track of time has something going for it, even if it gets frustrating when certain categories of music come up way short of being complete.