lose touch

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lose one's touch (with someone or something)

Fig. to lose one's ability to handle someone or something. I seem to have lost my touch with my children. They won't listen to me anymore. We've both lost our touch as far as managing people goes.
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lose touch

Fail to keep in contact or communication, as in The two sisters lost touch years ago, or Please don't lose touch with me after you move away. [Late 1800s] For an antonym, see in touch.
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lose ˈtouch/ˈcontact (with somebody/something)

not write/speak to somebody or not hear/read about somebody/something as you did in the past: She lost touch with most of her old friends when she moved to London.
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MORE than 40 per cent of fathers lose touch with their children after a divorce.
When we lose touch of that understanding, then we can very easily flail about,'' she said.
With GoodContacts and our Web-based Address Book services, our goal is to make sure people never lose touch with their important relationships again.
There is a possibility that race fans will lose interest or simply lose touch with the points race and other developments over those six weeks.
THE average Briton has just nine close friends - and is likely to lose touch with some as he or she grows older.
com continues to make significant progress toward providing the best possible service to ensure our Members never lose touch with their important relationships," said Jeffrey Tinsley, founder and CEO, Reunion.
Address Book of their new address, so that people never lose touch with their friends, family and colleagues.
I would lose touch with the stuff I did want - and who has time to check extra e-mail accounts from work?
As successful Web sites grow, they can quickly lose touch with the inner workings of their Web operations," said Paul Santinelli, Founder and President of NOCpulse.