lose nerve

lose your nerve

to fear doing something Jim lost his nerve and wouldn't try to ski down the hill.
See also: lose, nerve
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There's a lot of debate about this but it's thought patients may start to lose nerve cells in the brain anywhere between five and 20 years before symptoms appear," says Claire Bale, research communications manager with the charity Parkinson's UK.
This causes them to lose nerve and muscle function, including the ability to stand," Horst says.
This is no time for anyone to lose nerve or to feel aggrieved about perceived wrongs against them, this could be Celtic's moment provided they are bold enough and focused enough.
He never broke, of course, but neither did he lose nerve or serve.
If you've already lost nerve cells in your youth because of polio and the remaining cells have been working twice as hard, you're going to have even more difficulties as you start to lose nerve cells to aging," says Anthony Windebank, M.
Some breeders already use genetic testing to avoid mating dogs that will spawn puppies with congenital diseases, for example, Labrador retrievers with two mutations in a gene called dynamin-1 suffer from a condition where intense activity causes them to lose nerve control of their hind limbs.
Although Waqar agreed that Pakistan had flopped miserably against New Zealand on Tuesday, and that they were also below par against Canada in a 46-run win last week, he made it clear that there was no need to lose nerves, as the team had enough time to resurrect itself.