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We didn't lose heart and I'm sure Dundee be exactly the same.
IT is easy to lose heart in a title fight when your main rivals keep pulling results out of the fire even though they're not playing well.
Referring to the problems, the Prince said: "Geordies never lose heart.
Because we trust in God's promise, we do not lose heart or give up when results are slow in coming.
I'm reliably informed that the band was disappointed but that they would not lose heart.
The Everton star was as gutted as anyone as brilliant Holland tore Berti Vogts' side apart but he said: "It's impossible to lose heart.
But he urged the Turkish defender not to lose heart.
If you initially dig up an enormous piece of ground, you may have so much weeding to do that you lose heart before any tomatoes or corn have been picked.
Two goals apiece from Craig Maskell and John Byrne gave the Seagulls their biggest win of the season but Hull boss Terry Dolan refused to lose heart, insisting: "It wasn't as bad as the result suggests.
We must not despair or lose heart in God's providence but trust that the Lord is with us and will deliver us.
But Mr Clarke should not lose heart because of that.