lose head

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lose (one's) head

To lose one's composure and act emotionally or irrationally. You need to calm down before you talk to Larry. You don't want to lose your head before finding out his side of the story. I'm sorry, I lost my head out there. There's no excuse for what I said.
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lose one's head (over someone or something)

Fig. to become confused or overly emotional about someone or something. Don't lose your head over John. He isn't worth it. I'm sorry. I got upset and lost my head.
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We lose head offices, as Scottish firms are relatively cheap to buy and can be downsized to produce a high return.
When we lose head offices, small Scottish businesses often lose important customers and skilled youngsters have to leave to find rewarding career options.
UH-OH I've got that sinking feeling TRICKY I always lose Heads or tails.