lose grip

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lose your/its grip

to be unable to control something Changes in your body can make you feel like you're losing your grip. For many years now the old political parties have been losing their grip on the South. Related vocabulary: lose it
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lose your grip

to lose your ability to control or deal with a situation He was losing his grip at work and knew it was time to retire. (often + on ) It suggests that the ruling party is losing its grip on the middle classes in some of the bigger cities.
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The Safety Car has to be capable of setting a quick pace, which on some circuits can be close to 175mph, so that the engines of the following F1 cars do not overheat or their tyres cool down and lose grip as they take up formation.
If a slick section in a turn causes your front tires to lose grip, the common -- but incorrect -- reaction is to continue turning the steering wheel.
Starting from tenth place in the first race Jackson made a good start but after making some progress started to lose grip and found himself falling back a couple of places to take the chequered flag in ninth.
Many a times, commuters clinging on the buses' gates lose grip and fell on the road receiving fatal injuries, he added.
In temperatures at or below seven degrees centigrade, the tread compound on standard summer tyres starts to harden and lose grip.
4: IF you lose grip, gently reduce the power and keep the car in as high a gear as you can to stop wheels spinning.
I think it is a very serious mistake that Government ministers work 90-hour weeks because they lose grip on all reality and ordinary life," he said.
Their hopes of mounting a fightback were dashed when Blair ran the length of the pitch only to lose grip of the ball at the last moment.
Meyer seemed to lose grip of the ball, but regained his composure to dash through a half gap-giving God man an easy conversion.