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They lose face if they free them and they are really out on a limb if they execute them.
The further the Government gets and the stronger the statements for the necessity for military action the Prime Minister makes, the harder it will be to back down because this will lose face.
It might just mean that he was concerned that hosts would not lose face because they had not supplied enough wine.
But the leaders of the two traditional enemies are determined not to lose face.
Of course, it could have been that Jason, 32, did not want to lose face in front of his co-star, Victoria Billings, who seemed to be thrilled by the stunt off Miami Beach, Florida.
In 1999, Mr Mandela convinced Col Gaddafi he would not lose face if the trial was allowed.
They're not very happy with me and I feel guilty, but I don't want to lose face at school either - what should I do?
When a sceptical member of the public prevents him from slipping a safety catch on a revolver, he prefers to lose face literally, by being shot dead, rather than lose it figuratively.
One travel expert said: "You can bet the other major airlines will follow suit as they won't want to lose face - or customers.
We may lose face in the short-term, but we will gain Brownie points in the longer term.
They don't want to lose face with friends and acquaintances by having to admit to such a poor relationship with him.
He's the hottest boy in my area and very popular so I'll lose face with all my friends if we split up so soon.
Better, surely, to lose face than to lose a life because doctors fear being too robust.