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fall off the back of a lorry

Of goods or merchandise, to be acquired by illegal or dubious means; to come into (someone's) possession without being paid for. Primarily heard in UK. Danny says he has several laptops and smartphones he wants to sell for cheap—sounds like they fell off the back of a lorry to me.
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off the back of a lorry

  (British humorous) also off the back of a truck (Australian humorous)
if you say that you got something off the back of a lorry, you mean that it was probably stolen I don't know where he gets this stuff - probably off the back of a lorry. There's a new stereo too which, I suspect, fell off the back of a lorry.
See also: back, lorry, of, off
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The police have cordoned off the scene for safety, because it is believed that 67 drums of waste material were on the lorry.
He said: "We were very lucky that | The boarded-up building and, right, a tribute to the lorry driver from Royal British Legion club members customers weren't hurt.
Among the UK Border Agency's largest stowaway interceptions at a North East port was one in October 2011, when nine Albanians were discovered in a lorry which had set off from Bucharest in Romania.
The lorry is an eight-wheeler pick-up with Oldham Bros on the side in blue.
Owain added: "It's a chance to get a better idea of the lives of lorry drivers.
The Department of Transport says the lorry is illegal on the road.
I am immensely grateful to Lorry, the DeArmonds and the many generous donors who have stepped up to bring us closer to making our building initiative a reality," says UO School of Music Dean Brad Foley.
Luckily the driver of the white-coloured Scania lorry escaped unhurt.
At one stage the lorry got so low to the road that its wheels started to come off and cat's eyes were dug out of the carriageway.
A LORRY driver has admitted causing a motorway crash which left a man blind.
Tipper Lorry with ~HIAB~ Crane Facility up to 18 Tonne G.
A LORRY fire closed off a key Midland commuter route, leading to heavy delays.
Stewart's pop at lorry drivers and saying they should be banned from the road from 6am-6pm.
Lorry drivers tend to get about half-way down before they get stuck.
SEVERAL lambs died after falling from a lorry travelling along the A487 in West Wales Police received several calls from motorists reporting live animals falling from a haulage lorry towing a rigid box trailer through Crymych on Thursday.