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Tom said, in a deep, hoarse voice, loosing the oars, and clasping her.
In Matthew 18:15-20, the church's ministry of binding and loosing determines who is subject to church discipline.
Thus, we may observe that Matthew closely connects the business of binding and loosing with the mission of the church that is built by Jesus (16:18) and sustained by his continuing presence (18:20).
2) A few scholars have related them to exorcism (binding and loosing of demons--but why would the church ever want to loose a demon?
It is important to note that for the rabbis (and for Matthew) loosing the law never meant dismissing scripture or countering its authority.
Clearly, then, Matthew condemns the practice of loosing the law when this means abolishing the scriptures rather than fulfilling them through obedience and teaching.
Examples of binding and loosing in Matthew's Gospel