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ITV executives have sent a legal letter saying Looser Women, which launched in November, breaches their copyright and ordering them to stop using the name immediately.
Looser shows HBU as well served under the first two presidents; the quickening pace of change and vision for the future during the first five years of the Sloan presidency suggests great promise and prospects.
But JK is also correct to worry that slower and looser tracks can create more niggling type of injury - there is an inbetween perfection that when I used to work in racecourse management was nirvana.
Burney (1832)--a more interesting book than Helen--deserves more than the sentence Looser gives it.
Though both Burney and Edgeworth published new fiction late in their lives, their later works have often been set aside by critics and readers, and Looser argues that a possible reason for this lies in the advanced ages of the authors themselves.
Some 48% want looser ties, and a further 16% want the UK to withdraw completely from the EU.
These elongated bales are looser than bales sent directly to mills and can be fed to automobile shredders to produce shredded grades.
It's not restricting me now - my movement feels a lot looser and more free.
Some gave traditional talks, like Jesse Bransford, who spoke on the construction of memory; others opted for a looser interpretation of the format, like Lorenzo de los Angeles III, who presented a mind-boggling light show.
About 5 to 10 percent of the population have looser ligaments than others," says Green.
During the heat of the day, track parts expand and the track runs looser.
Critics who object to the burden such restrictions impose on retailers and consumers note that meth cooks can buy pseudoephedrine pills in states with looser rules.
The Asian variety has a looser head, and includes bok choy, a favorite in Eastern cooking.
I try to have my hair longer and looser in the ballet, too, for dramatic effect.