loosen (one's) tongue

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loosen (one's) tongue

To cause one to speak uninhibitedly. Often refers to the effect of alcohol. A few drinks will loosen her tongue, and then I'm sure she'll tell me the secret without me even having to ask. I've never met a reporter like Courtney. She can loosen the tongue of even the cagiest politician.
See also: loosen, tongue

loosen somebody’s ˈtongue

make somebody talk more freely than usual: A bottle of wine had loosened Harry’s tongue.
See also: loosen, tongue

loosen (someone's) tongue

To cause (someone) to speak freely or carelessly or to divulge information.
See also: loosen, tongue
References in classic literature ?
But it warmed my blood, it cheered my heart, it excited my brain, and - it loosened my tongue.
An agony of pity and fear for Walter loosened my tongue, and I implored him to escape.
This latest theory was the last straw, the story which loosened my tongue.
But now that it's come out, it's loosened my tongue so that I can talk about it.
It loosened my tongue and I told him I had ever only slept with one man in my life.