loosen the purse strings

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loosen the purse strings

To become more liberal with one's expenditures; to increase the availability of money for spending purposes. After having to count my pennies for so long, it's nice to be able to loosen the purse strings a bit! We'd have a much better and more stable product if the boss would loosen the purse strings a little.
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purse strings

The spending power of a given group, such as a family, company, country, etc. Their government is going to have to learn to tighten the purse strings if they want to continue receiving bailout money from the IMF. After my dad's gambling problem came to light, it was my mother who started holding the purse strings.
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loosen the purse strings


loosen your purse strings

If you loosen the purse strings or loosen your purse strings, you allow more money to be spent. If the Treasury loosens the purse strings, many authorities will be delighted to spend. Companies are loosening their purse strings and making investments in network improvements.
See also: loosen, purse, string
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Persuading senior executives to loosen purse strings to improve data backup and disaster recovery can be difficult, because that spending will subtract directly from company profits.
Members of upper-income households, in particular, are expected to loosen purse strings and increase discretionary spending for both gifts and themselves, while middle- and lower-income households continue to stick to necessities," predicts Swonk.
We should not loosen purse strings but make investments," Mesterhazy told a meeting of party delegates.
Midway through the bidding, in an attempt to further loosen purse strings, he cited last month's record-setting Qatari sale in which $2.
In a subsequent column, Rebecca Whitener, director, security and privacy portfolio management for consulting and integration firm EDS, explained that security threats have to be stopped but management may not always be willing to loosen purse strings.
It's okay to say the board should loosen purse strings but those who have done so in the past have ended up with their fingers bitten.
The enduring ability of Shackleton memorabilia to capture collectors' imaginations and loosen purse strings was illustrated two years ago, when a small biscuit from expedition rations was sold for almost pounds 5,000.
To convince administrators to loosen purse strings tightened under the PPS, practitioners point to news reports heralding music, art, drama, and therapeutic recreation in settings from social day care centers and assisted living communities to subacute care units.
the advances of the Chinese Communist party and the insurgency in Malaya forced the government to loosen purse strings.
The threats have to be stopped but management may not always be willing to loosen purse strings when, historically, the organization had not been "attacked.