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2 is built upon an integration framework, which provides loosely coupled services.
Place the lamb on a warmed serving platter, cover loosely with foil and leave to rest in a warm place for 15 minutes.
Loosely based on Ravel's opera L'enfant et les Sortileges, the dance centers on a 9-year-old girl and her alter ego, with both roles danced by the insightful and often hilarious Rabidoux.
These cells surround a central core of loosely arranged cells that is similar to the stellate reticulum of the enamel organ.
Lift garlic bulbs, bunch loosely and hang in an airy place to dry.
The very attributes that make Web services pervasive -- loosely coupled components exposed using standard interfaces and communicating via Internet protocols -- can make them inherently unpredictable," said Frank Martinez, CTO and founder of Blue Titan.
In the "Author's Notes" at the end of the novel, Nunez lists two murders, one occurring in 1954, the other in the 1960s, and the 1977 Black Power revolution in Trinidad as real events upon which Bruised Hibiscus is loosely based.
Loosely structured as a grandmother's gradual revelation of black history to her grandson, the film depicts the horrors of slavery, the vicious exploitation and oppression of black people, the richness of the artistic and musical traditions of black culture and the need to preserve that culture in the midst of the forces of homogenization.
The structure of a metalloporphyrin consists of large rings with loosely held electrons arranged around a metal ion in the center.
Archaeologists have since restored the giant granite structure, the name of which loosely translates as "hitching post for the sun.
A region is a geographical area, sometimes loosely defined, that has a number of distinctive characteristics.
Acknowledging that The Merry Wives of Windsor is "a comedy so loosely constructed that it must have undergone, more than most of the other plays produced at the time, constant changes, omissions or additions during its stage career," this newly revised edition of the play treats the 1623 Folio as its copy text, although the introduction also includes extensive discussion of the theatrical provenance of earlier published versions.
This paper explores the concept of loosely coupled systems as an image representing the interface between innovation projects (emerging organizations) and their host corporations (existing organizations).
Jini enables loosely coupled federations of network-connected intelligent devices that offer services to each other.
State sponsors remain involved in terrorist activities by funding, organizing, networking, and providing other support and instruction to formal terrorist groups and loosely affiliated extremists.