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Loosely attired, in the coarsest and roughest garb, with scraps of straw and hay--his usual bed-- clinging here and there, and mingling with his uncombed locks, he had fallen asleep in a posture as careless as his dress.
Loosely based on Ravel's opera L'enfant et les Sortileges, the dance centers on a 9-year-old girl and her alter ego, with both roles danced by the insightful and often hilarious Rabidoux.
Based loosely on the Biblical book of Exodus, Holly Hannon's splendid illustrations perfectly showcase Sylvia Rouss The Littlest Frog and is a picturebook specifically meant for young ones ages 3-6.
Can I loosely' a and that's the key word, loosely a 'base a character on you?
2 is built upon an integration framework, which provides loosely coupled services.
In response to the brief that called for a multifunctional complex of living, working and training facilities for KMAR's 1500 staff, Zvi Hecker proposed what loosely resembles a medieval walled city; or rather as the project developed, a city as wall.
28, six days after Mitsubishi Fuso recalled trucks due to loosely installed screw nuts.
Cover loosely with foil and roast for one hour, 20 minutes.
We should recognize the power of this message: If the loosely connected Afghan tribes can do majority rule and minority respect, so could the more literate Iraqis, numerous Egyptians, rich Saudis, and misted Palestinians.
Based loosely on Canterbury Tales, Dawkins' book introduces 40 of our ancestors--or concestors, as he calls them--going back to the beginning of time.
Between the Light features large-scale leaf motifs within a loosely gridded framework.
Lift garlic bulbs, bunch loosely and hang in an airy place to dry.
The very attributes that make Web services pervasive -- loosely coupled components exposed using standard interfaces and communicating via Internet protocols -- can make them inherently unpredictable," said Frank Martinez, CTO and founder of Blue Titan.
In the "Author's Notes" at the end of the novel, Nunez lists two murders, one occurring in 1954, the other in the 1960s, and the 1977 Black Power revolution in Trinidad as real events upon which Bruised Hibiscus is loosely based.
The attacks were unwittingly supported by a somewhat loosely overseen international financial system.