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The Milan is handcrafted using non-tropical hardwood and comes with easy-to-fit washable loose covers for practicality.
It is a good step that Pakistan has also become one of the countries in the region which have banned the sale of loose cigarettes.
In one survey, 60% of shoppers said they now bought fruit and veg loose, putting them into trollies and baskets without the plastic bags offered in the fresh aisle.
Temporary Inspector Paul McDonnell said: "Clearly, loose horses on the road pose a danger to motorists and so I would like to ask motorists to take extra care in light of the recent incidents and for the owners of horses to take extra measures to ensure that their horses are secured properly, particularly overnight.
As a dog trainer, I work to avoid avoidance in my canine students (since it's a stress response), but I will happily work to avoid loose dog encounters.
But their guilty pleas to wounding Mr Mee, 26, were accepted at an earlier occasion and yesterday Loose, who had nine previous convictions for violence, was jailed for 28 months.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Neuroscientists have uncovered the existence of loose coupling between calcium channels and release sensors of exocytosis at a mature central synapse in the rodent brain.
Loose roadwheel nuts are all but inevitable, considering the weight and pressure they're under.
To celebrate 400 years of trading between The East India Company and Japan, the company is exclusively stocking five Japanese green loose teas, Niban-Cha, Genmai-Cha, Ichiban-Cha, Fukamushi-Cha, all of which have been sourced from the estates of Yoshio Moriuchi, official supplier of tea to the Japanese Imperial family.
The Philippine National Police (PNP) will continue to look for over 400,000 loose firearms all over the country even after the election gun ban ends on June 12.
THAT old devil Rod Stewart was on the loose again yesterday.