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Gulliver decided that the best thing he could do was to lie still until night came and then, having his left hand already loose, he would soon be able to free himself.
All the innate richness and color and charm of her nature seemed to have broken loose and overflowed in crimson cheek and glowing eye and grace of motion.
It cannot be doubted that if there were land-birds to pick up the seeds when first cast on shore, and a soil better adapted for their growth than the loose blocks of coral, that the most isolated of the lagoon-islands would in time possess a far more abundant Flora than they now have.
A small ant swarmed by thousands under the loose dry blocks of coral, and was the only true insect which was abundant.
As the water in the lower part of the great sponge- like coral mass rises and falls with the tides, so will the water near the surface; and this will keep fresh, if the mass be sufficiently compact to prevent much mechanical admixture; but where the land consists of great loose blocks of coral with open interstices, if a well be dug, the water, as I have seen, is brackish.
There is a simplicity in the barrier-like beach, the margin of green bushes and tall cocoa-nuts, the solid flat of dead coral-rock, strewed here and there with great loose fragments, and the line of furious breakers, all rounding away towards either hand.
These in his democratic days, when he was still subject to the laws and to his father, were only let loose in the dreams of sleep.
The Ogilvies would seem to have kept theirs loose in their pockets, like coppers.
Heaps and heaps of loose snuff, not kept in a horn, or even a pouch, but lying in heaps on the mantelpieces, on the sideboard, on the piano, anywhere.
By no stretch of fancy can the human mind connect together snuff and diamonds and wax and loose clockwork.
Somebody had bamboozled him with those loose brilliants, saying they were found in the castle caverns.
Then it descended, pandemonium broke loose, everything happened at once.
He had expected all hell to break loose, and here it was.
My fingers were torn loose, and I swept across to the side and over the side into the sea.
Half savage as the man showed, with no covering on his matted head, with his brown arms bare to between the elbow and the shoulder, with the loose knot of a looser kerchief lying low on his bare breast in a wilderness of beard and whisker, with such dress as he wore seeming to be made out of the mud that begrimed his boat, still there was a business-like usage in his steady gaze.