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keep (someone) in the loop

To keep someone informed about and/or involved in something, such as a plan or project, especially that which involves or pertains to a specific group. We've hired a new intern to help you with data entry, so be sure to keep her in the loop about the project.
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be kept in the loop

To be kept informed about and/or involved in something, such as a plan or project, especially that which involves or pertains to a specific group. We've hired a new intern to help you with the data entry portion of the study, so be sure she's kept in the loop.
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in the loop

Fig. in the group of persons communicating regularly about a specific plan or project. I don't know what's going on with the Jones deal since I'm not in the loop. Bob and Jean are in the loop. They can tell you what's happening.
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knock someone for a loop

1. Fig. to strike someone hard. You really knocked me for a loop. I hope that was an accident. DI was really knocked for a loop by the falling branch.
2. and throw someone for a loop Fig. to confuse or shock someone. (This is more severe and upsetting than throw someone a curve.) When Bill heard the news, it threw him for a loop. The manager knocked Bob for a loop by firing him on the spot.
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in the loop

having knowledge of and involvement in something Is Congress fully in the loop on issues of national security? Watkins didn't go out of his way to keep his employees in the loop. Opposite of: out of the loop Related vocabulary: in the picture
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out of the loop

not having knowledge of or involvement in something A few people at the top knew what was going on, but everybody else was out of the loop. Opposite of: in the loop Related vocabulary: out of the picture
See also: loop, of, out

throw somebody for a loop

to upset someone unexpectedly and severely Seeing an accident on the road always throws me for a loop.
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be in the loop

  (American informal)
to have the special knowledge or power that belongs to a particular group of people You can tell she's in the loop. She always knows about policy decisions before the rest of us. (American informal)
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knock/throw somebody for a loop

  (American informal)
if something that happens knocks you for a loop, it upsets or confuses you because you do not expect it He knocked me for a loop when he said he was quitting his job.
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in the loop

Provided with information and included in a decision-making process. For example, She's new to the board, but be sure to keep her in the loop. This expression uses loop in the sense of "a circle of individuals among whom information or responsibility circulates." The antonym out of the loop, meaning "left out of such a circle," dates from the same period. For example, The chairman was consistently leaving Chris out of the loop. [1970s]
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knock for a loop

Also, throw for a loop; knock down or over with a feather ; knock sideways. Overcome with surprise or astonishment, as in The news of his death knocked me for a loop, or Being fired without any warning threw me for a loop, or Jane was knocked sideways when she found out she won. The first two of these hyperbolic colloquial usages, dating from the first half of the 1900s, allude to the comic-strip image of a person pushed hard enough to roll over in the shape of a loop. The third hyperbolic term, often put as You could have knocked me down with a feather, intimating that something so light as a feather could knock one down, dates from the early 1800s; the fourth was first recorded in 1925.
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out of the loop

see under in the loop.
See also: loop, of, out


1. n. a silly-acting person. (Also a term of address.) You can be such a silly fruitcake sometimes.
2. n. a male homosexual. (Rude and derogatory. An elaboration of fruit.) We went into this bar, but it was filled with fruitcakes, so we left.
3. and fruit loop n. a foolish oaf. (Someone who is as nutty as a fruitcake. Fruit loop is borrowed from the cereal of the same [protected trade] name.) What a fruitcake! Doesn’t even know where his head is at. Out of the way, fruit loop.

fruit loop

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mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has this strange tendency to get a little loop-legged when she has four or five drinks.

throw someone for a loop

tv. to confuse or surprise someone. Don’t let this question throw you for a loop.
See also: loop, throw

in the loop

Part of a group that is kept up-to-date with information about something: knew about the merger because she's in the loop.
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out of the loop

Not part of a group that is kept up-to-date with information about something.
See also: loop, of, out
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