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There are always even loonier ideas that tend to make the A1 Gores of the world seem almost wise.
Cobb doubted that the Chicago theologians were truly modern and that they had real faith, but under the tutelage of Me land, Loonier, and especially Hartshorne, he acquired a second religious worldview, one that featured a credible concept of God.
Each Wednesday lunchtime Tony Blair brazenly declines to answer a succession of hostile accusations, either from the designated opposition or the loonier fringes of his own party, and instead intersperses carefully rehearsed witticisms with a sheaf of statistical soundbites to demonstrate that (a) we've never had it so good and (b), thanks to the benevolent sagaciousness of New Labour, it's getting better all the time.
De Loonier is at Elandsgracht 109 and is open six days a week between 11am - 5pm, but closed on a Friday.
Positing Sullivan's character as a loser in love, Moore's as a clueless virgin in New York, and Vergara's as a sexpot incapable of seducing heterosexuals is loonier than the sci-fi of ``Threshold.
In early adolescence, Burroughs went to live with his mother's psychiatrist and his family, who were even loonier than his parents.
Even loonier is the DoE suggestion that the test could be done in Irish with the help of an interpreter.
It can only be a matter of time before some of our loonier councils are advertising for Limbo Generation stress counsellors.
Newt Gingrich is: (a) an original thinker-politician, whose fear for America's sagging trajectory prompts him to offer fresh solutions that go beyond politics as usual; (b) a manipulative propagandist, whose benign facade masks a ruthless hunger for power that he'll use for God-knows-what if we don't stop him; or (c) a jargon-loving management consultant in disguise, whose bromides and futurist visions get loonier with each new one he spews.
Whether or not this will lead them to switch their vote, I don't know, and if they do and it benefits one of the loonier parties, that will be a pity.
Turning Violetta's maid, Anina (Betty Alison), into a part-time death figure, prowling the stage in a flowing black gown, turned out to be one of Bertman's loonier inventions.
Unfortunately, while ``Tanner on Tanner'' has its moments, the real campaign was far loonier.
And this bizarre, sometimes difficult, but often funny debut novel takes a close-up look at the loonier aspects of the mock Celtic fringe.