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Questions of procedure such as these arose and passed, and the day, the incredible day, on which she was to become his, loomed large in the near future.
The Island of Monte Cristo loomed large in the horizon.
As I ran for my life through the dark galleries beneath the palace of Salensus Oll I must indeed have presented a remarkable appearance had there been any to note it, for though death loomed large about me, my face was split by a broad grin as I thought of the resourcefulness of the nameless hero of Marentina to whom I owed my life.
A dozen huge and hairy forms loomed large beneath the trees at the far side of the enclosure.
Morison loomed large and wonderful and magnificent in her mind's eye.
Suddenly the awful sacrifice which one of them must make loomed large before his imagination.
The pretext that wouldn't have been too silly or too compromising, the explanation that would have saved his dignity and kept his name, in such a case, out of the papers, was not definite to him: he was so occupied with the thought of recording his Discretion - as an effect of the vow he had just uttered to his intimate adversary - that the importance of this loomed large and something had overtaken all ironically his sense of proportion.
There came times to Jurgis when the vision seemed far-off and pale, and a glass of beer loomed large in comparison; but if the glass led to another glass, and to too many glasses, he had something to spur him to remorse and resolution on the morrow.
Summary: Often alluded to but seldom implicated outright, the specter of Syrian President Bashar Assad has loomed large over the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.
Yet amidst the facade of national concord, the politics of attendance loomed large over the affair.
powerfully in the hands of Barry Geraghty and loomed large alonlongside Hurr gsi icane Fly roundiroundin he hhe home turn before leag the ag the auld boy in Barry Geraghty and loomed large alongside Hurricane rounding the home turn before leaving the auld boy in his wake.
And he denied that they were closer to either Labour or the Conservatives as the prospect of a hung parliament loomed large.
THE ghost of the hypocrite Haughey loomed large last Tuesday when Brian Lenihan's vomitinducing call to the poor and the pensioners to do their "patriotic duty".
The question loomed large at the recent World Architecture Congress, held in Dubai, which discussed among other things the place of sustainable design and human scale in the making of new urban environments.