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loom large (on the horizon)

Cliché to be of great importance, especially when referring to an upcoming problem, danger, or threat. The exams were looming large on the horizon. Eviction was looming large when the tenants could not pay their rent.
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loom out of something

to appear to come out of or penetrate something. A truck suddenly loomed out of the fog and just missed hitting us. A tall building loomed out of the mists.
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loom up

to appear to rise up [from somewhere]; to take form or definition, usually threatening to some degree. A great city loomed up in the distance. It looked threatening in the dusky light. A ghost loomed up, but we paid no attention, since it had to be a joke. The recession loomed up, and the stock market reacted.
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loom large

Appear imminent in a threatening, magnified form. For example, The possibility of civil war loomed large on the horizon, or Martha wanted to take it easy for a week, but the bar exam loomed large. This term employs loom in the sense of "come into view," a usage dating from the late 1500s.
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ˌloom ˈlarge

(of an important problem, event, etc.) approach and seem worrying or frightening: With the local elections looming large, the Conservative party is beginning to look nervous.In your last year of school, public exams loom very large in your mind.
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The girls continued with the loom in their own time and everyone really enjoyed being part of the process.
In August one of the country's leading toy stores removed loom band charms from its shelves after they were found to contain chemicals which could be harmful to child growth.
It took eight radiographers two months to make the 65ft-long loom band.
I came up with the loom band idea as it's perfect for infection control, because it can be easily wiped down and sanitised.
There is no such thing as a licensed loom brand -- Rainbow Loom is the original and won the case in the US courts for the patent," said Mehul Kotecha, managing director at Ravissant General Trading, which is the sole distributor of Rainbow Loom.
Concern was sparked on Friday after the Middlesbrough toy shop - along with other branches nationwide - cleared its shelves of loom band charms after tests showed similar products contained cancercausing chemicals.
She added that any customers who have bought the charms will be offered a full refund or exchange in any of our stores and emphasised that it is not the actual loom bands that are affected.
The inventor of the Hotz Tubular Loom has developed a working prototype that has been utilized with success.
HOW TO CLAIM Cut out the voucher (right) and present it at any Dealz store to claim your free pack of Frozen Loom bands.
Scooby strings are also known as Scoobies and loom bands are little plastic bands that can be woven into accessories.
Yes, he and his eight-year-old sister Nina have been bitten by the loom bands bug and it's him rather than her taking the lead in making ever more complicated creations.
POUNDLAND has reported a huge surge in sales of loom bands - the latest craze to hit playgrounds across the land.
The current craze for kids -- Rainbow Loom bands and their many knockoffs -- has been surprising parents and child development experts since it broke out last summer and fall: In a market glutted with crafts marketed to girls, loom bands are the rare gender-neutral hobby that appeals to boys, too.