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With tea, few people look under the hood to learn where it comes from and how it is grown.
Just for a moment set aside the cosmetic side of things, forget about your beloved rims, leather, Bluetooth and rear view camera, and instead look under the hood.
When you look under the hood, there are complicated and potentially very messy issues," a Senate Democratic aide stated.
The rent is sideways because, if you look under the hood, the upper end of the market showed flat prices and the low rent market showed really strong growth.
And as one of the first Tundra trucks from the San Antonio plant, Toyotas chief truck engineer from Toyota Technical Center, Mike Sweers, and his team want a chance to get a better look under the hood and everywhere else to learn how the vehicle holds up after so many miles and rigorous use.
It helps to look under the hood at what causes generational bias, and the most telling factors are historical events and parenting trends.
The authors advise that "Investors need to look under the hood to understand how a strategy or factor produced its alpha" and "make every effort to avoid being duped by historical returns.
Priced at US $218, the Lumia 640 XL won't break the bank, and when you look under the hood, there's plenty to celebrate.
When looking at a hybrid cloud integration solution, look under the hood to ensure there's more than a legacy "agent" running behind the firewall.
What are the new directors going to find when they go in and look under the hood, if you will, in terms of the relationship with Mike Ashley?
Just as with a new car, you need to look under the hood before committing to a solution.
e pair would swap tales of golden era heroes such as Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, talk tactics and look under the hood at the mechanics of the game.
They want to see the gears; they want to look under the hood a little bit more.
That said, we think it's time to look under the hood, which is our theme for the conference.