look toward

look toward someone or something

to face in the direction of someone or something. Look toward Sarah and see where she is standing. Isn't that a lovely garden she's in? Look toward the sea and see what a sunset is meant to look like.
See also: look, toward
References in classic literature ?
The host and hostess look toward the door, and now and then glance at one another, and the visitors try to guess from these glances who, or what, they are waiting for- some important relation who has not yet arrived, or a dish that is not yet ready.
said Ishmael, bending his look toward the plain; but a low, significant whisper from Abiram drew his eyes quickly upward again, where they were turned just in time to perceive that the cloth of the tent was agitated by a motion very evidently different from the quivering occasioned by the wind.
As Miss Mills spoke in her motherly tone, and cast a proud and happy look toward the warm and quiet nest in which she had sheltered this friendless little sparrow, feeling sure that God meant her to keep it from falling to the ground, Polly put both arms about her neck, and kissed her withered cheek with as much loving reverence as if she had been a splendid saint, for in the likeness of this plain old maid she saw the lovely charity that blesses and saves the world.
God bless you," added the rugged woodsman, bending his head aside, and then instantly changing its direction again, with a wistful look toward the youth; "I loved both you and your father, Uncas, though our skins are not altogether of a color, and our gifts are somewhat difficult.
When the war was over, And all the work was done, Look toward the east, the rising sun
to a straightforward "Manifesto for the Earth" (co-written with Ted Mosquin) that stresses the importance of reducing human population levels and human consumptive excess, particularly in developed countries, the essays convey an urgent need to protect dwindling natural resources and look toward sustainable coexistence.
There is also a look toward the future with a peek at ideas for further space travel and creation of stellar outposts.
As the business climate improves, enterprises will continue to look toward outsourcing as a means to increase business value by accessing critical skills and technologies for innovation.
However, increasing freight costs and overvaluation of the currency have made the company look toward U.
With the support of the Dobson family and the 'team' approach this entire company has embraced, I look toward our future with great optimism and gratitude.
With a look toward the future, the book surveys some of the most daring experiments cosmologists are assembling and considers which of their ideas might prevail.
We continue to look toward the technology sector, which includes biopharma and pharma, to exercise the strength that it has shown during the past five years of New Jersey's market growth.
The board will also continue to work on the perchlorate contamination issue and look toward the agency evolving in the future.
Now they can look toward spending some of that money for an outfielder, and their No.