look toward

look toward someone or something

to face in the direction of someone or something. Look toward Sarah and see where she is standing. Isn't that a lovely garden she's in? Look toward the sea and see what a sunset is meant to look like.
See also: look, toward
References in classic literature ?
My son's exclamation caused me to look toward the spot where I had seen the deceased [sic] an instant before, but he was not there, nor was he anywhere visible.
And he used to look towards the table with his eyes full of tears.
They waited, but the schoolmaster cast no look towards them, and still sat, thoughtful and silent, in the little porch.
Often after dark, when I was pulling the bellows for Joe, and we were singing Old Clem, and when the thought how we used to sing it at Miss Havisham's would seem to show me Estella's face in the fire, with her pretty hair fluttering in the wind and her eyes scorning me, - often at such a time I would look towards those panels of black night in the wall which the wooden windows then were, and would fancy that I saw her just drawing her face away, and would believe that she had come at last.
When the war was over, And all the work was done, Look toward the east, the rising sun
to a straightforward "Manifesto for the Earth" (co-written with Ted Mosquin) that stresses the importance of reducing human population levels and human consumptive excess, particularly in developed countries, the essays convey an urgent need to protect dwindling natural resources and look toward sustainable coexistence.
There is also a look toward the future with a peek at ideas for further space travel and creation of stellar outposts.
However, increasing freight costs and overvaluation of the currency have made the company look toward U.
With the support of the Dobson family and the 'team' approach this entire company has embraced, I look toward our future with great optimism and gratitude.
With a look toward the future, the book surveys some of the most daring experiments cosmologists are assembling and considers which of their ideas might prevail.
We continue to look toward the technology sector, which includes biopharma and pharma, to exercise the strength that it has shown during the past five years of New Jersey's market growth.
The board will also continue to work on the perchlorate contamination issue and look toward the agency evolving in the future.
Now they can look toward spending some of that money for an outfielder, and their No.
Three monkeys were trained to press a light when it turned green or to look toward another light when it turned red, in either case after waiting for about 1 second.