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A longhair in his seat, a crazy one at that--a wiseass.
hundred protesters, mostly young adults and longhair kids, were
Drew didn't look too favorably on being invaded, likening it to carpetbagging, and the college kids were longhairs we called "beatniks" in those days, but as controversies go it really wasn't much.
It was Townshend who anticipated punk when, during The Who's set at love and peace fest Woodstock he physically ejected king of the longhairs Abbie Hoffman from the stage, an occasion preserved for posterity on the Maximum R&B box set.
As for those in senior ranks who are "suitably coiffed" but robbing the system blind: fear not, because it is only the evil longhairs whom little Cox seeks.
I can imagine the longhairs in his high school rolling their eyes when Billy Clinton would get up to talk about the importance of school spirit, using paraphrased allusions to JFK's inaugural address ("Ask not what your school can do for you .
Many young leftists wrote off the hippies as blissed-out zombies, and many longhairs deeply distrusted politics and preferred to pursue personal liberation, which might mean anything from LSD to pop Buddhism.
Chances are, having any albums by ageing Brummie longhairs Magnum in your collection is not going to impress that blonde Kings Of Leon fan you've had your eye on.
There are a few longhairs, a few punks, but it's overwhelmingly a conventional gang of well-groomed Midwestern youth who happen to be wearing hundreds of "Ron Paul Revolution" T-shirts.
Currier, calico cats like Zsa Zsa are usually short haired; the mother and siblings are orange and white longhairs.
Will we see longhairs like Jamie Thomas in some "Kuta Braids" and sandals, carrying a man-purse, like every other Westerner on the paradise island?
Well last Saturday I watched Walter's Wean's do the nation proud with a battling display against Lippi's Longhairs.
The presence of bare-chested or naked longhairs cavorting in their interiors and across their surfaces infuse these images with the apposite period flavor.
He disdained the strident longhairs who were demonstrating against the war his senior year.
Run for the Roses'' 31st Annual Cat Show'' features 250 to 300 purebred cats, including Abyssinians, Scottish folds, Japanese bobtails, Siamese, Oriental longhairs and shorthairs, Persians and exotics in all colors, 9 a.