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He has, I repeat, the longest head of the four, and for my part I declare that I will obey him.
And one thing more do I know: I stand now before my last summit, and before that which hath been longest reserved for me.
Before my highest mountain do I stand, and before my longest wandering: therefore must I first go deeper down than I ever ascended:
The GlobalFlyer team hopes to break the distance records of 24,987 miles for the longest aircraft flight, set by the Voyager airplane in 1986, and the 25,361-mile mark set by the balloon Breitling Orbiter 3 in 1999.
The challenge remains: What is the longest theoretical name--consisting of names of actual people or characters--with no repeated letters?
Funcom (OSE:FUNCOM), announces the release of a new Dreamfall: The Longest journey' website.
The Marauders look to snap an 11-game losing streak, the longest skid in Brent Carders' 35-plus-year coaching career and the second longest since 1949-51, when AVC lost 17 in a row.
Drew ran for a 1-yard touchdown to put the Bruins up 14-3 and returned a punt 72 yards for a score - the longest punt return of his career.
6, 2006, Midas will conduct a search for the motorist who has the dubious distinction of having the longest driving commute to work in the U.
THE LONGEST YARD'' is the year's most unnecessary movie, a cartoon remake of Robert Aldrich's 1974 sports comedy that has been thoroughly dumbed down to suit star Adam Sandler's boyhood wish of pretending to be Burt Reynolds.
Longest Cartoon Strip - The world's longest continuous cartoon strip, created by 35 Disney artists (all Italy) and entitled "Ciccio e il compleanno sottosopra" (Ciccio and the Topsy-Turvy Birthday), measured 242.
But there's no mistaking the relationship between the makers of the movie ``The Longest Yard'' and the sports media.
Every Saturday morning one of Bluff's professional poker player and columnist will be featured on Proline, America's longest running sports handicapping show on Television.
Because even though Brown and his team trained some 50 cameras on the world's longest, nonstop, point-to-point race, the movie spends more time talking about people living their dreams than it does showing either dust or glory.
No one provides instant gratification better than tailback Reggie Bush, who has the longest run from scrimmage (66 yards), longest reception (69), longest punt return (65) and longest kick return (84).