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And yet, by ingenious contrivance, this gilded minority, in- stead of being in the tail of the procession where it be- longed, was marching head up and banners flying, at the other end of it; had elected itself to be the Nation, and these innumerable clams had permitted it so long that they had come at last to accept it as a truth; and not only that, but to believe it right and as it should be.
The months dragged on, all hope forsook the old man, he ceased from his customary pursuits and pleasures, he devoted himself to pious works, and longed for the deliverance of death.
A farm smokehouse had to be kept heavily padlocked, or even the colored deacon himself could not resist a ham when Providence showed him in a dream, or otherwise, where such a thing hung lonesome, and longed for someone to love.
It is possible that Tom's mental stomach had never really hungered for one of those prizes, but unques- tionably his entire being had for many a day longed for the glory and the eclat that came with it.
She was just, conscientious, economical, industrious; a regular attendant at church and Sunday-school, and a member of the State Missionary and Bible societies, but in the presence of all these chilly virtues you longed for one warm little fault, or lacking that, one likable failing, something to make you sure she was thoroughly alive.
He had, by that time, realised an easy competenceenough to secure the purchase of a little estate adjoining Highbury, which he had always longed forenough to marry a woman as portionless even as Miss Taylor, and to live according to the wishes of his own friendly and social disposition.