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Every one being allowed to learn to read, ruineth in the long run not only writing but also thinking.
I do not mean to insist here on the disadvantage of hiring compared with owning, but it is evident that the savage owns his shelter because it costs so little, while the civilized man hires his commonly because he cannot afford to own it; nor can he, in the long run, any better afford to hire.
If it is asserted that civilization is a real advance in the condition of man -- and I think that it is, though only the wise improve their advantages -- it must be shown that it has produced better dwellings without making them more costly; and the cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.
But hunger and wretchedness rise superior to fears in the long run.
In some States the Specimens are occasionally fed and suffered to exist for several years; but in the more temperate and better regulated regions, it is found in the long run more advantageous for the educational interests of the young, to dispense with food, and to renew the Specimens every month -- which is about the average duration of the foodless existence of the Criminal class.
He saw again all the incidents of the long run, not omitting the delay caused by hose-carts and a hook-and-ladder running to a cross- town fire, during which time he and Clancey had joked Jaffers over the dates with various fictitious damsels out of which he had been cheated by the night's extra work.
But in the long run their racial defects proved fatal; they were unable to combine in permanent and steady union, and tribe by tribe the newcomers drove them slowly back; until early in the seventh century the Anglo-Saxons were in possession of nearly all of what is now England, the exceptions being the regions all along the west coast, including what has ever since been, known as Wales.
A HOUND started a Hare from his lair, but after a long run, gave up the chase.
He sat perched on a high bay horse, and held on to the bridle of a spirited black palfrey, the hides of both glistening from a long run.
Mowgli could not understand one word in three of the talk here; the warm milk was taking effect on him after his long run, so he curled up and in a minute was deep asleep, and Messua put the hair back from his eyes, threw a cloth over him, and was happy.
Many marathon training guides recommend that runners perform their long runs at a pace about two minutes slower than you could have run that day.
The first month of the program, when the long runs increase to 10 miles, is a trial period.
Thyssen P-20 Super, AISI P-20 modified, preheat-treated (38/42 Rc), is suitable for plastic molds where electrochemical or photo-etching is required, and where long runs are necessary.
Translating between the short and the long runs is unlikely to be simple, however, in part because of the short-run interest elasticity imparted by the supply behavior of depositories.
The Aperion Audio 632 In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speaker line is built with Aperion's patent pending HD-X3(TM) crossover technology to flatten the impedance load and allow for long runs of speaker wire without loss of sound quality -- a very important feature for distributed audio.