long face

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long face

A facial expression denoting sadness. Jill had such a long face yesterday after she learned that she failed her exam. Hey, kiddo, why the long face? Is something bothering you?
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long face

A facial expression showing sadness or disappointment, as in Greg's long face was a clear indication of his feelings. [Late 1700s]
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a long face

If someone has a long face, they look very serious or unhappy. He came to me with a very long face and admitted there had been an error. There were some long faces in Paris that day. Astoundingly, an American had won the Tour de France. Note: You can also say that someone is long-faced. After a short ceremony we stood, long-faced, by the graveside.
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(pull, wear, etc.) a long ˈface

(have) a sad or disappointed expression: I asked him if he wanted to come out but he pulled a long face and said no.Why the long face?
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The child, who has a developing long face syndrome, can have that pathological process intercepted through the use of some unusually simple procedures.
It added: "We anticipate that the abandonment of the T125 panel would lead to the mothballing or even closure of the mine as it would probably be uneconomic to switch production to a later panel due to the long face gap entailed.
So here''s a quick guide to what styles should suit you best: Long face Add width to a slim face by bringing a few wispy strands of hair forward to sit just in front of the ears.
The man is described as Asian, in his early to mid 20s, of medium build, about 5ft 4ins tall, with a clear complexion, a long face and small eyes.
One man is described as white, between 20-30 years old, 5ft 5-8ins tall with mousey, wavy hair and a long face.
Richard Guest, trainer of Lik Wood Power and Why The Long Face
But it also had a tendency to reduce the population: wind blowing against one long face or the other was funnelled into the hole through the building with such force that light and frail people could be hurled into the path of oncoming buses (there is no evidence that this actually happened, but the threat was always present, and the experience of going under the building on foot was always unpleasant).
When you are born with a 10ft long face, you don't get hero roles" - Self-deprecating actor Richard E Grant, pictured, who believes he is perpetually consigned to playing villains.
On the way out of Hampden, I understand she asked a Ross County fan: "So, why the long face then?
That, to me, was the biggest compliment,'' said Alessandroni, an energetic man with a long face and blue eyes.
He was in his mid to late 20s, 5ft 7in tall, of medium build, with olive skin, a long face and short black straight hair.
Why The Long Face took a notable scalp in gaining his first success in Britain, that of the odds-on favourite Bramlynn Brook, who was beaten into second place.
The man is Asian, in his early 20s, of slight build, 5ft 6in tall, with short dark cropped hair and a long face.
Daisy awoke around midnight to see a weird long face peeping in through the bedroom window.