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loll about (some place)

to lie, lounge, or droop some place. The tired travelers lolled about all over the hotel lobby until their rooms were ready. They were still lolling about at three in the afternoon.
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loll around

to roll, flop, or hang around. The dog's tongue lolled around as it rolled on its back, trying to keep cool. Stop lolling around and get to work.
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loll back

[for a head] to fall or droop backwards. As he passed out, his head lolled back and struck the corner of the table. Her head lolled back and suddenly she was fast asleep.
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loll out

[for a tongue] to hang or flop out. The dog's tongue lolled out as it lay sleeping. Since the dog's tongue lolled out every time it opened its mouth, it is a wonder it didn't bite it when it closed its mouth.
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That preference raises the specter of crocodiles lolling on pools of water while listening to Cuban son played by the Buenavista Social Club.
To do this, the researchers stealthily inched their boat toward right whales that they spotted lolling on the surface.
Special radiant heaters warm MPs lolling on the sofas in the oriels.
And to make sure no-one overlooked the depth of her sincerity, she posed almost naked with a python between her legs and her tongue lolling out.
Nothing evokes summer better than wading into shallow ocean waters or lolling on a lakeshore as water laps at your feet.
Admittedly, it was difficult for early eastern botanists to envision Kiowa or Comanche hunters lolling about in midday heat under cool sugar maple shade.
Had I been a drowsy, well-fed passenger lolling back in his seat, fulIy at ease in the comfortable and the familiar?
The pillow has a unique I-shape design, which supports the head on any high-backed seat and prevents it from lolling to the side.
McCall, 46, was limp with her head lolling as she was dragged from the water after reaching a jetty as concerned organisers rallied around her, carrying her clear and wrapping her up.
She was lolling around all over the place," the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.
IT'S SOMEWHERE I don't know where I'm going, no one tells Me I'm confused, For there's somewhere I need to be, it's a Place where I can choose, Imagination is an advantage, they say 'Oh just Let yourself go,' Day-dreaming again, others tell me, 'You're always Somewhere else, where wild winds blow,' I'm in the country, it's very hot, sky intensely blue In fields of yellow corn, Crickets in hedgerows, cawing crows circling overhead, With lolling lambs just newly born, The sky growing dark with thunder threatening and Flickers of lightning, Poplars uncomfortably rustling, against a scarlet horizon, Simply frightening, An impossible dream, a place unknown, yet on the cusp of Memory, somewhere I do know, It evades me, it escapes beyond that dying horizon, it's Somewhere I will finally go.
And the great British public is lolling in front of its telly and barely knows anything about it.
THERE are lots of people who'd like to visit the German market and one thing they don't want to see is groups of drunken men and women lolling around.
Tonight's The Night comes out on October 2 and from the way she's lolling about in a sexy basque for her new pictures, there may well be a few of her male fans thinking "Well, maybe".
Before long the McCourts will be lolling in merchandise revenue.