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loll about (some place)

to lie, lounge, or droop some place. The tired travelers lolled about all over the hotel lobby until their rooms were ready. They were still lolling about at three in the afternoon.
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loll around

to roll, flop, or hang around. The dog's tongue lolled around as it rolled on its back, trying to keep cool. Stop lolling around and get to work.
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loll back

[for a head] to fall or droop backwards. As he passed out, his head lolled back and struck the corner of the table. Her head lolled back and suddenly she was fast asleep.
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loll out

[for a tongue] to hang or flop out. The dog's tongue lolled out as it lay sleeping. Since the dog's tongue lolled out every time it opened its mouth, it is a wonder it didn't bite it when it closed its mouth.
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Loller says these patients lose the signal that shuts down muscle activity during dream sleep.
Aunque ciertos sectores, como banca y finanzas, empiezan a estudiar estrategias en linea, otros, como el de las comunicaciones, adoptan el comercio electronico como una parte importante de su negocio, indica Loller.
Loller of San Francisco reported that a police officer told her she would be released if she had sex with him.
I think everybody in the United States has a milk crate in their closet," says Rob Loller, transportation manager.
Phoenix has a decades-long history of creating innovative products that meet evolving needs, both for our customers and for our employees," said Robert Loller, AVP HR Development.
have once been accused of being "a fals strumpet, a fals loller,
For right as heretykis in the begynynge of the feyth wyth her swete wordes & false opynyons were aboute to distroye the feyth of the holy trinite / In the same wyse lollers now a dayes wyth her false spice of gile be aboute also to withdraw the peple from the true byleue & feyth of the holy trinyte and the byleue & feyth of holy chirche / Popes martirs and confessours to the deth Right soo now thise lollers pursuen men of holy chirche / and ben aboute in all maner wayes pat they can and may fynde to distroye and vndo hem so that they myghte haue their purpose
Every cavernous room was like being part of a Breughel painting, people in proliferation and profusion, lots of lollers and layabouts, huddles and muddles, and a veritable anaconda line to any window marked "cashier".