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loll about (some place)

to lie, lounge, or droop some place. The tired travelers lolled about all over the hotel lobby until their rooms were ready. They were still lolling about at three in the afternoon.
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loll around

to roll, flop, or hang around. The dog's tongue lolled around as it rolled on its back, trying to keep cool. Stop lolling around and get to work.
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loll back

[for a head] to fall or droop backwards. As he passed out, his head lolled back and struck the corner of the table. Her head lolled back and suddenly she was fast asleep.
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loll out

[for a tongue] to hang or flop out. The dog's tongue lolled out as it lay sleeping. Since the dog's tongue lolled out every time it opened its mouth, it is a wonder it didn't bite it when it closed its mouth.
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2 : to lie around lazily <We lolled by the pool.
At the upper echelons, the generals lolled in perks, rejecting any analysis that did not conform to their prejudgments and prejudices (one more similarity to our own flag officers).
I myself remember with nostalgic ecstasy my tenth summer, mythic in its plenitude, when I had my mother to myself on a trip out West, first to La Jolla, where we lolled in luxury at the Hotel La Valencia, and then on a tour of the national parks--Bryce, Zion, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon: a summer of perfect, cloudless bliss.
I want to stay here all day,'' Madison said, flipping through an assortment of books about beds as she lolled on the satin brocade cover and plump bolsters.
Busker Chris Ridgeway, who lives in Cardiff, was playing to the fans as they lolled on the steps of the venue prior to the band's performance.
They lolled on long pathways of it like shy odalisques.
Gore Vidal: Our slant-eyed friends lolled about the jungle doing whatever it is soldiers do to advance the interests of Dai Nippon.
The first bratwurst of spring - chosen over the newfangled Desert Dog - was consumed in an aluminum bleacher way down the left-field line, while sunbathers lolled on a grassy bank nearby, a gray- haired grandmother strolled with a pair of red-headed kids, and Gene Autry's ``Back in the Saddle Again'' played on the loudspeaker.
Elliot also told how the star's head lolled back as she sunk into a high after snorting from a bottle of alkyl nitrate, known as "poppers".
Elliot also told how the model's head lolled back after she snorted from a bottle of alkyl nitrate, known as "poppers".
From their hospital beds, survivors described their desperate attempts to stay alive as the ship lolled in the water and turned over, pitching people into the lake, along with cars, beer crates and bananas.
As Simon Williams lolled in an armchair in a drug dealer's house one pal put two pegs on his tongue so he would not choke on it.
As a grackle caw-caw-cawed from atop a royal palm tree and two alligators lolled in a pond behind him at Everglades National Park, Gore for the first time put the oomph of the White House behind restoration of the renowned swampland.