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loll about (some place)

to lie, lounge, or droop some place. The tired travelers lolled about all over the hotel lobby until their rooms were ready. They were still lolling about at three in the afternoon.
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loll around

to roll, flop, or hang around. The dog's tongue lolled around as it rolled on its back, trying to keep cool. Stop lolling around and get to work.
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loll back

[for a head] to fall or droop backwards. As he passed out, his head lolled back and struck the corner of the table. Her head lolled back and suddenly she was fast asleep.
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loll out

[for a tongue] to hang or flop out. The dog's tongue lolled out as it lay sleeping. Since the dog's tongue lolled out every time it opened its mouth, it is a wonder it didn't bite it when it closed its mouth.
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References in classic literature ?
Then they passed through a great doorway into the chamber beyond, a large, square room in which a dozen mounted warriors lolled in their saddles.
Within the main entrance to The Tower of Jetan lolled a half-dozen warriors.
The other apes of the tribe of Kerchak moved listlessly about or lolled restfully in the midday heat of the equatorial jungle.
The carriage windows were shut; the fat spaniel, whose head and tongue ordinarily lolled out of one of them, reposed on the lap of the discontented female.
It was seen in the very manner he lolled in the chair.
Upon it, one of the two men lolled, half sitting and half lying, with his knees drawn up, and his feet and shoulders planted against the opposite sides of the aperture.
Noah Claypole lolled negligently in an easy-chair, with his legs thrown over one of the arms: an open clasp-knife in one hand, and a mass of buttered bread in the other.
Brigitte, 49, looked dazed as she swigged from a bottle of vodka and lolled around on the grass before appearing to fall asleep.
She said: "When she was on the chair she was just lolled.
We lolled all over the golden fluff/and came down/to find people stare
DJ Patrick O'Dell ran his I-Pod and a grip of New York's finest scenesters lolled out front and fought for space on the dance floor with the heavy presence of costumed and vocal Ween fans.
The storms' flooding rains and fierce winds flattened buildings and lolled more than 1,700 people.
To Debussy's insinuations, Mikhail Ilyin lolled and stretched sensuously in a studio, glimmers of Nijinsky's faun in his feral vigor.
He lolled against his owner as a little girl with glasses and a bright smile read to him from the book ``Martha Speaks
Hamza - whose head lolled forward as he sat in the dock - apparently had his hook removed for security reasons.