lodge with

lodge someone with someone

to have someone stay with someone as a guest. We lodged the visitor with George for the weekend. Would it be possible for us to lodge Mary with you?
See also: lodge

lodge with someone

to stay or reside with someone. I lodged with my cousin while I was in Omaha. Tricia plans to lodge with us while she is here.
See also: lodge
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The Navy Lodge PCS Award was given to Navy Lodge Sasebo, Japan, for the Navy Lodge with the highest room night increase in permanent change of station (PCS) room nights.
Today, Nora Finch, now 85, runs the fishing and hunting lodge with the help of her son and daughter.
2--Color) Tamarack Lodge with its rustic accommodations - and no TV - appeals to those who prefer serenity to amenities.
There was a lake around Clayton Lodge with rivers of water moving all around the building.
Glacier Cabaret, new this summer, will be an entertaining mix of shows at Glacier Park Lodge with guests' family members and actors cast in leading roles to perform such Broadway favorites as "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," and "There's No Business like Show Business," among many others.
for the Navy Lodge with the greatest increase in permanent change of station (PCS) room nights and Winston, Lawrence, Navy Lodge Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the Navy Lodge with the greatest increase in percentage.
Forest Service stipulated that there must be at least one lodge with a minimum of 30 sleeping rooms, thus The Lodge at Vail was born.
and will feature luxury cabins, town homes and a spectacular Main Lodge with distinctive Colorado architecture.