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He had been known for years past as an inveterate drunkard, he had been seen overnight going home in liquor; he had been found locked up in his room, with the key inside the door, and the latch of the window bolted also.
Father went in the gig, and I let them out and locked the gates after them.
Up until now, there is no evidence to show that the strikers or those locked out are eligible for unemployment,'' said Rick Rice, assistant secretary of the state Labor and Workforce Development Agency.
Combination redial, one of the most significant specification additions, requires that once the lock bolt has been extended to the locked position, the lock cannot be reopened without completely redialing the combination.
Platen speed and position are measured by a linear transducer, which is backed up by a proximity switch to signal the locked position of the clamp.
Keep gear safely locked up with Master Lock's 1-7/8-inch-wide padlock (1530DPNK) which offers a pink twist on the familiar rotary dial combination lock most people grew up with.
Cranking the winch clockwise (the wrong direction) with the cam locks still locked.
Even if the system unit is locked up, knowledgeable thieves may go after the memory chips, network boards or other removable elements inside the computer.
In March 1994, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) issued a Life Safety Code (LSC) interpretive update to the guidelines for LSC surveyors with respect to locked doors in long-term care facilities and psychiatric hospitals.
a provider of software protection solutions for securing high value and mission critical applications, announced today a technology partnership with Uniloc USA, a leading provider of device locked product activation software.