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However, Alarcon and union officials called the wording of the agreement ``strategic gamesmanship,'' and argue that the EDD decision to withhold unemployment benefits from locked out workers is unlawful due to several circumstances specific to the grocery store strike.
When we commenced the lockout, we locked out all employees except the ones who provide critical services to our customers (such as the pharmacists).
The guidelines allow locked exit doors in psychiatric hospitals and intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR), provided that all locked exit doors are keyed to a master lock and ALL staff carry a key on their person at all times while on duty in the facility.
Locked hardware becomes even more problematic when VoIP services fail to clearly disclose the customer's financial obligations to use the hardware.
When locked out of a car or home, people are grateful to have locksmith information at their fingertips," said Larry Small, director of research for the Yellow Pages I.
The best execution model also saves a tremendous amount of time in determining which investor each loan should be locked with.
Therefore, in case one of the attendees forgets to lock the door on their way out, the room will automatically be locked at 12:00 a.
The new agreement extends the period of time during which their shares will be locked up by six months, and supercedes the original lock-up agreement with SG Cowen Securities, Inc.
Although the "Triple Safe" product has a method to lock the gun down, it does not have to be locked in place, therefore allowing the safe portability of the gun.
Once a domain name is locked down, nameserver and zone file information associated with a domain name can only be altered directly through a register.
BioShield equips a user to secure applications by fingerprint authentication locking, so only that user or other designated users can access a locked application.
This case, which began with complaints about locked and crossed markets from other market makers, was uncovered after a lengthy investigation by the Market Regulation Department.
The locked data can be further protected by soldering the write protect pin of the chip to ground.