lock onto

lock something onto someone or something

 and lock something on
to attach or fix something onto someone or something. The cop locked the handcuffs onto the mugger and led him away. Andy locked his bicycle onto the signpost. See that bike rack? Lock your bike on and keep an eye on it.
See also: lock
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The shampoo and conditioner act like a primer, which enable the shine molecules in the gloss treatment to lock onto the hair for a full 48 hours.
The technology aims to allow the Android-powered device's camera to focus in dim light conditions and lock onto moving objects fast.
modTronome Pro is the first metronome of its kind, featuring a comprehensive range of time signatures each with different profiles consisting of accents, sub-accents, silences and normal beats to better help musicians lock onto the beat.
99 SHOOTER fans will know that feeling of intense control and power that comes over you when you lock onto a target with a sniper rifle, from some hidden high point or super stealthy spot in the undergrowth.
The helicopter uses its targeting system to lock onto and track the target's position and velocity, and transfers the information to the rocket launcher prior to weapon release.
Rear section with complete interrupted thread assembly for buffer to lock onto and center section with grip mounting holes intact and ejector plate in place.
Adapter plates on the molding machine lock onto locating rings on the mold.
Scientific research suggests that antioxidants from grapes and some other foods lock onto bad cholesterol in the blood and stop the fatty gunk from clumping inside veins and arteries.
The company says Face Tracker uses a radically new approach to identify and lock onto human faces in a cameraphone preview image, tracking them as they move around within the frame and automatically adjusting focus, exposure, and white balance before the image is captured, ensuring faces are optimally taken and skin tones are reproduced with exceptional accuracy.
Tony Blair's tight lock onto the United States before the Iraq War enabled him to pressure Washington into seeking U.
AutoTrack allows cameras to monitor an area with a preset tour, but once motion is detected the camera will automatically lock onto the subject, zoom in for a better view, and follow the subject within the camera's coverage area.
Pilots quickly locate, track, identify, and lock onto airborne and ground-based targets at longer ranges and safer altitudes--all by simply looking at a target, said Staff Sgt.
Replacing the flange and bolt that serve as the basis of all connectors currently in use is a retaining ring and positional locking cap on one tube that lock onto the cavity housing on the other tube.
The HMC's twin 400mm diameter pallets lock onto the simultaneous fourth axis rotary table with 13,000 lb of holding force.
You run your cursor out there, you lock onto that target, and the minute you lock onto the target you've taught the system to go to work for you in a very particular way.