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lobby against (someone or something)

To try to influence someone, especially an elected official or group of elected officials, against someone or something. A number of high-profile corporations have been lobbying against the supreme court nominee. We've been lobbying against legislation aimed at tightening voter access for the last half a century.
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lobby for (someone or something)

To try to influence someone, especially an elected official or group of elected officials, on behalf or in favor of someone or something. A number of high-profile corporations have been lobbying for a supreme court judge with a proven track record of pro-business decisions. We will continue to lobby for common-sense drug enforcement policies as long as people are still being imprisoned for unreasonable lengths of time for such minor infractions.
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lobby against something

to solicit support against something, such as a piece of legislation or a government regulation. We sent a lot of lawyers to the state capital to lobby against the bill, but it passed anyway. They lobbied against the tax increase.
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lobby for something

to solicit support for something among the members of a voting body, such as the Congress. Tom is always lobbying for some reform bill or other. The manufacturers lobbied for tax relief.
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Lobbying is any direct or indirect communication, for payment, with a federal public office holder regarding making or changing any policies, programs, legislation, regulations or funding.
While AFTI lobbied on "issues relating to difficulties the US businesses are having doing business in India", the "specific lobbying issues" for Boeing include broader topics such as "US-India relations" and "India trade issues".
Actual lobbying spending is likely to be higher than reported because when organisations declared their lobby spend within a range, researchers took the lower figure.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines lobbying as "a group of people seeking to influence politicians or public officials on a particular issue.
Lobbying is a process that contributes to citizen participation in the creation or modification of public policies, and occupies an important position in contemporary democratic societies.
Lobbying as noted by Berg (2007) is an accepted and legal process that allows the voice of citizen groups, association, labor union, corporations and others to be heard in the political arena.
There seems to be an inverse relationship between the growth of lobbying and its effects on how citizens view government, according to "The Ethics of Lobbying," a handbook from the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.
With the release of the most recent lobbying reports, it's clear that Chesapeake Energy is well on its way to a second year on the top 50 lobbying spenders list, having spent $958,490 lobbying since January 1, 2010.
Lobbyist legislation provides all of us, including not-for profit organizations, with electronic access to the lobbyist registry so we can find out who is lobbying whom.
Few medical organizations had a lobbying presence in the capital then.
A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that plans to do any consistent public policy work should make a 501(h) election, according to Elizabeth Heagy, president of the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI) in Washington, D.
The lobbying and ethics bills passed by the House and Senate this year, and awaiting House-Senate Conference, are not meaningful reforms.
A prominent lobbying firm that the Los Angeles Unified School District has paid more than $1 million since 2002 for political advice and other services has simultaneously represented clients in Sacramento that have won more than $12 million in district contracts, the Daily News has learned.
Political and lobbying activities undertaken by some charities have drawn recent scrutiny from the IRS, Congress and the media.