lobby against

lobby against something

to solicit support against something, such as a piece of legislation or a government regulation. We sent a lot of lawyers to the state capital to lobby against the bill, but it passed anyway. They lobbied against the tax increase.
See also: lobby
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Bank of England deputy governor, Andrew Bailey, said that banks should not use the press to lobby against new rules, Reuters reported.
Credit unions don't lobby against what bankers want if it doesn't affect credit unions.
Alejandro Garcia Padillat, alleging public funds were being used to lobby against the results of the Nov.
Abu Dhabi: A delegation representing prominent Indian expatriate organisations that visited New Delhi to lobby against Air India Express' new baggage rule was given a good hearing by senior Indian officials.
uk/peers/ We need as many people as possible to adopt a Lord and lobby against this unpopular NHS Bill.
Peter Furness, Australian Marriage Equality acting national convener, had said in December that the church's instruction to lobby against marriage equality crosses the division between church and state.
But British craft brewers say their success is threatened by efforts to raise taxes on their segment, as bigger brewers, including independent regionals, lobby against the small brewer tax break.
According to documents, he wrote to the new minister weeks after the General Election asking him to lobby against the restriction.
The government backed down after Wrigley, which holds almost 90% of the Irish market, called on the then US ambassador to Ireland, James Kenny, to lobby against it.
BANNER waving protestors gathered outside Southport Town Hall to lobby against the proposed cycle plans for Birkdale Nature Reserve.
to lobby against the adoption of the resolution, Erdogan added.
ACADEMICS from across South Wales gathered at the Senedd yesterday to lobby against university funding cuts.
They will lobby against potential cuts to minimum wage and benefits - a plan hinted at by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan.
PUPIL POWER: Parents and children lobby against school changes in Cleckheaton at Huddersfield Town Hall.
Before Treasury takes up Principal's application, Principal must convince Treasury and the public that it will no longer lobby against the interests of the taxpayers paying for the Wall Street bailout, whether directly or by proxy through its trade associations.