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lobby against (someone or something)

To try to influence someone, especially an elected official or group of elected officials, against someone or something. A number of high-profile corporations have been lobbying against the supreme court nominee. We've been lobbying against legislation aimed at tightening voter access for the last half a century.
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lobby for (someone or something)

To try to influence someone, especially an elected official or group of elected officials, on behalf or in favor of someone or something. A number of high-profile corporations have been lobbying for a supreme court judge with a proven track record of pro-business decisions. We will continue to lobby for common-sense drug enforcement policies as long as people are still being imprisoned for unreasonable lengths of time for such minor infractions.
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lobby against something

to solicit support against something, such as a piece of legislation or a government regulation. We sent a lot of lawyers to the state capital to lobby against the bill, but it passed anyway. They lobbied against the tax increase.
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lobby for something

to solicit support for something among the members of a voting body, such as the Congress. Tom is always lobbying for some reform bill or other. The manufacturers lobbied for tax relief.
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The whole lobby was a perfect pandemonium, and the din was terrific.
Give me your arm, Captain George"; and so saying, and with a nod to the General, she tripped into the lobby.
The main problem for lobbyists and those they lobby is that there is little shared vernacular between the Ethics and Lobbying Commissioner's office .
Washington/New Delhi: The Indian government seems to have drastically cut down its lobbying among the US lawmakers as the payment made to its registered lobby firm has dipped to the lowest in more than seven years.
WASHINGTON, June 24 (KUNA) -- Tourists and Washington residents who visit the lobby of the downtown Willard Hotel can find a historical display indicating that the word "lobby" originated there.
Lobbying for the City of London" shows that British banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and their lobby groups command massive resources and enjoy easy access to decision-makers in EU institutions.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The majority of Arab and Muslim critics of American foreign policy have long believed that one of the most important problems in Washington's approach to the Middle East has been the overwhelming influence of the pro-Israel lobby.
The lobby and hallway provides the first impression to a prospective buyer or renter.
At that time, it was used to describe those who stood in the lobby of the palace of Westminster in London, waiting to catch a quick word with members of Parliament on their way to and from the House of Commons debating chambers.
He responded with: "There is so much being written about the gay lobby.
We should embrace the fact that we as librarians are of noble profession because you cannot lobby and advocate effectively in an environment where you display poor images of yourself and the library profession.
Much like a professional wardrobe, a lobby is a personal reflection of your business philosophy, says Mark Stumer, principal of Mojo Stumer Associates.
Waiting for Lobby Day activities to begin, arriving nurses filled the room at Lowe's.
The US public gets an incomplete picture of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because powerful pro-Israeli lobby, backed by Evangelicals, has effectively gagged the US media, said two leading US academics.
Even though the premise of legitimacy was reaffirmed, the Harper government's changes to the lobbying law--scheduled to come fully into force on July 1, 2008--sent a profound message to those who lobby the federal government.