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lobby against something

to solicit support against something, such as a piece of legislation or a government regulation. We sent a lot of lawyers to the state capital to lobby against the bill, but it passed anyway. They lobbied against the tax increase.
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lobby for something

to solicit support for something among the members of a voting body, such as the Congress. Tom is always lobbying for some reform bill or other. The manufacturers lobbied for tax relief.
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Although the public office holder being lobbied is an integral party to the act of lobbying, there is very little research on the participation of the lobbied in the Canadian federal context.
As per the latest disclosure, BGR Government Affairs lobbied on behalf of the Indian government on issues relating to "bilateral US-India relations" during the last quarter at the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, Department of Commerce, Department of State and the US Trade Representative.
It would be a conflict if (Rose & Kindel) lobbied on our behalf in Sacramento and then lobbied LAUSD for SAP.
a newly formed advocacy group promoting the concerns of women business enterprises in the building sector, lobbied Congress last week on behalf of its members.
Thus far, they have lobbied opposing the so-called "Clear Skies" bill that would gut the Clean Air Act, supporting the "527" Reform Act, opposing privatizing Social Security, and supporting the SAFE Act and the scheduled expiration of the more troubling provisions of the Patriot Act.
The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 requires lobbyists at the Federal level, including Congress, the White House, and all agencies, to submit biannual reports describing the organization they lobbied for and the amount spent on lobbying activities.
Even as its planes have crashed, American has lobbied for years to water down safety and security regulations that might have helped foil the World Trade Center attacks.
Above all, the media are now more independent and must be lobbied like any congressman.
He has successfully lobbied for statutes, agency rules, and agency permits in the United States, both state and federal governments, in Canada, and within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Europe and North America.