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lob (something) at

1. To hurl or toss something at someone or something, especially in a long, high arc. He started lobbing snowballs at the kids across the street. Stop lobbing dirt at our neighbors' house!
2. To attack, question, or criticize someone verbally. The reporter started lobbing questions at the CEO about his alleged ties to organized crime. A heckler in the audience kept lobbing insults at the comic for most of his routine.
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lob something at someone or something

to throw or toss something at someone or something. Who lobbed this thing at me? They lobbed a stone at the cat, but that only made it mad.
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The revenue-generation opportunity from data will prompt LoBs to not only take greater ownership of the data, but to also impose their own governance and risk management.
The top reasons LoBs say they use them, according to the report are
Once an applicant obtains a favorable determination with respect to a discretionary LOB request, Rev.
7) This provision provides an "escape hatch" and needed flexibility for MNEs that conduct bona fide business operations in a Contracting State, but nevertheless fail the specific tests of the LOB Provision.
Table 10 showed a significant relationship between LOB values and Height (0.
Kraniyal MRG ve MR spektroskopi (cerrahi oncesi): Sagda temporal lob medial kesiminde amigdala/uncus-parahippokampal girus lokalizasyonunda ekspansiyon olusturan, T1A'da izointens, T2A ve FLAIR'de hiperintens olan, kontrast madde tutmayan 26x24x19 mm boyutlarinda yer kaplayan kitte lezyonu izlenmistir.
If the sand is very hard and compact, then you would use the lob wedge.
CARDINALS 1ST: Mueller walked; Douthit singled to shortstop [Mueller to second]; On a bunt Hornsby singled to second base [Muelter to third, Douthit to second]; Bottomley singled to center field [Mueller scored, Douthit scored, Hornsby to third]; Hafey tripled to center field [Hornsby scored, Bottomley scored]; Hollingsworth replaced Ehrhardt (pitching); Gonzalez grounded out (Mitchell to Fournier); Toporcer struck out; Thevenow popped to High; 4 R, 4 H, O E, 1 LOB.
The defender normally guarding the Trigger (X5 in both diagrams) serves as a helpside defender in discouraging lob passes to any of the front line offensive pass receivers.
A Damian Spencer header in the 60th minute and a long-range lob by Kayode Odejayi in the 70th wiped out Lee Thorpe's first-half opener for Torquay.
In his role as property LOB director, Loris will work closely with the organization's property leaders to implement Zurich's North America commercial underwriting strategy.
Most employers will allow a person to work at home at least one day a week--especially if the person has already demonstrated themselves as a valued employee," said Steve Nissen, director of Operation lob Match at the Society's National Capital Chapter.
Therefore, an LOB has the same structure as a resource package with one exception and special asset: a document file based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML) (W3C, 2004).
Billy Paynter hit the woodwork for Vale straight after the restart before Heffernan bounced an overhead lob off the top of the bar with 20 minutes to go.