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lob something at someone or something

to throw or toss something at someone or something. Who lobbed this thing at me? They lobbed a stone at the cat, but that only made it mad.
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7) This provision provides an "escape hatch" and needed flexibility for MNEs that conduct bona fide business operations in a Contracting State, but nevertheless fail the specific tests of the LOB Provision.
It will allow CIOs to deliver a faster response to the technology demands of their LOB colleagues -- a transformation that the survey shows is not only being embraced, but is well underway.
Further in vitro testing of the three most active compounds, lobatin B (Lob 6), 8[beta]-isovaleryloxy-9[alpha]-acetoxy-calyculatolide (Lob 7), neurolenin B (Lob 2) showed that the structures significantly down-regulated mRNA expression of the IL-8 (with the exception of Lob 2) and E-selectin genes in HUVECtert cells stimulated with LPS.
Hastamizda tumoral lezyon sol ust lob ile alt lob karinasinda olup ust lob bronsunu kapamis ve ust lob atelektazisine neden olmustu.
Temporal lob epilepsi cerrahisi sonrasinda hastalar epileptik nobet gecirmedikleri icin nadir olarak doktora basvurmaktadirlar.
The second line defender (X4) will play in the safety or float position to defend either lob passes or run-outs.
This increased productivity is quite common among teleworkers with MS," said Rim Cordingly, of the national lob Accommodation Network (JAN).
LOB developer: The LOB developer designs and implements new LOBs.
The lob wedge is also a good club for nipping the ball off tight lies to give you control and a bit more spin.
The uncertainty of the LoD estimate is composed of a component originating from the uncertainty of the LoB estimate and a part from the sample measurements.
Winger Schofield raced onto Danny Adams' pass down the left midway through the first half to launch an audacious lob over Forest goalkeeper Paul Gerrard from a tight angle.
Then, as Coria stood defenseless, Agassi pitched a perfect topspin lob over his head and into the left pocket.
The striker took his season's tally to 12 with a brilliantly executed lob seven minutes before the break and a smartly taken low drive 11 minutes after the restart.
Despite the scoreline both teams could have won, but it took a Mark Herbert lob for Ledbury to break the deadlock.
Amos and Micah, two of the Bible's sharpest social critics, were ordinary working stiffs like Moore, peasant shepherds who lob Yahweh's curses and judgments at wealthy and powerful Hebrews for breaking the covenant by turning their backs on widows, orphans, and aliens.