loads of

loads of something

much or many things Wadsworth received loads of support from other teachers and parents. I've heard that story from loads of different people. I've collected loads of stuff for my scrapbook.
Related vocabulary: a load of something
See also: load, of
References in classic literature ?
The fellow seemed sane enough--yet ten loads of gold
While Werper dreamed of freedom and the unmolested enjoyment of the fortune in his stolen pouch, and Abdul Mourak lay awake in greedy contemplation of the fifty loads of gold which lay but a few days farther to the south of him, Achmet Zek gave orders to his lieutenants that they should prepare a force of fighting men and carriers to proceed to the ruins of the Englishman's DOUAR on the morrow and bring back the fabulous fortune which his renegade lieutenant had told him was buried there.
He said there was loads of them there, anyway; and he said there was A-rabs there, too, and elephants and things.
Throughout the development of the new cargo securement standard, the regulatory and enforcement communities in the United States and Canada have regarded loads of flattened and crushed cars as a supreme danger wreaking death and destruction on our roads.
It is reasonable to assume that such a commodity-specific requirement would be based on evidence that parts falling from loads of crushed cars present a significant concern.
While mufflers and exhaust parts could be considered loose auto parts, these should not be automatically attributed to loads of crushed cars.
Investigators examined 10 HAART-treated patients who had viral loads of less than 20 copies/mL for more than 8 months.
During Saturday's test, the area of the wing that failed last October sustained design limit loads of approximately 135 percent as the wing tips were deflected upward approximately 10 feet.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Simulating Peak Loads of Up to Two Million Calls Per Hour, Dyaptive Solution Helps Reduce Risk and Cost of Wireless Service Rollout and Maintenance
Close observation of incoming loads of source-separated wood has resulted in notably "clean" wood at Florida Wood Recycling.