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loaded dice

1. Literally, dice that have each been weighted to one side so as to increase the odds of their landing on the opposite number. When they found out we'd been using loaded dice, they threw us out of the club and told us to never come back.
2. By extension, a means of gaining an advantage through the exploitation or manipulation of rules or regulations. At the height of the economic boom, investment bankers were using sub-prime mortgages with falsified credit ratings as loaded dice to make as much money as possible.
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loaded word

A word that carries additional emotional weight or significance—whether positive or negative—beyond its literal meaning. If you want to get into politics, you should always avoid using loaded words that might offend someone unintentionally.
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front load

To organize something (often a contract or itinerary) so that it is most productive at the start and tapers off during the duration. My agent front loaded my contract so that I would make the most money right now, in the prime of my career. Why did you front load our trip so much? I'm exhausted after three days of touring the city!
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loaded for bear

1. Inf. angry. He left here in a rage. He was really loaded for bear. When I got home from work, I was really loaded for bear. What a horrible day!
2. Inf. drunk. (An elaboration of loaded, which means "drunk.") By the end of the party, Bill was loaded for bear. The whole gang drank for an hour until they were loaded for bear.
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loaded to the gills

 and loaded to the barrel
Sl. intoxicated. He's loaded to the gills. Man, he's loaded to the barrel and fighting mad.
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the dice are loaded against somebody

if the dice are loaded against someone, they are not likely to succeed When I realized I was the only male applicant I knew that the dice were loaded against me.
See no dice
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loaded for bear

  (American informal)
ready and eager to deal with something that is going to be difficult Their team came out onto the field, loaded for bear, but our defense stopped them.
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dice are loaded, the

see under load the dice.
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loaded for bear

Fully prepared for action; also, spoiling for a fight. For example, Bill tackled his new sales route loaded for bear, or When Martin was three hours late, his wife was loaded for bear. This term, dating from the mid-1800s, alludes to the heavy charge of powder or lead that hunters use for large animals like a bear.
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loaded question

A question heavy with meaning or emotional impact, as in When he inquired after Helen's ex-husband, that was a loaded question. This term employs loaded in the sense of "charged with hidden implication." [Mid-1900s]
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load the dice

Rig the odds so there is little chance for another person to win; cheat. For example, There's no way we can win this contest; they've loaded the dice. This expression is also put as the dice are loaded, as in There's no point in trying; the dice are loaded. This expression alludes to adding weight to one side or another of dice so that they will always come up with certain numbers facing upward. [Late 1800s]
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1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. If you’re loaded, don’t drive.
2. mod. spiked with liquor; containing much alcohol. There’s a little rum in the eggnog, but it’s certainly not what I would call loaded.
3. mod. having all available accessories. (Said of a car.) Did you want to see a car that’s loaded, or is this to be a budget car?
4. mod. wealthy; loaded with money. Mr. Wilson is loaded, but he is also generous with his money.

loaded for bear

1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. He’s been drinking mule since dawn, and he’s loaded for bear.
2. mod. ready for the hardest problems. I’m loaded for bear, and that’s good because this is going to be a rough day.
3. mod. very angry. I had been loaded for bear when I came into the room, and I left as meek as a lamb.
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loaded to the gills

and loaded to the barrel
mod. alcohol intoxicated. He’s loaded to the gills. Couldn’t see a hole in a ladder. Those guys are loaded to the barrel and are getting mean.
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loaded to the barrel

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load the dice

1. To make an outcome highly probable; predetermine a result: "These factors merely load the dice, upping the odds that a household will fall into a certain ... income distribution" (Thomas G. Exter).
2. To put another at a distinct disadvantage, as through prior maneuver: The dice were loaded against the defendant before the trial.
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