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bleed the lizard

slang, vulgar To urinate, said of or by a male. After my third cup of coffee, I really had to go bleed the lizard.
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flat out like a lizard drinking

1. adjective Very busy; preoccupied with many different things at once. Primarily heard in Australia. Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch today, I've been flat out like a lizard drinking all day. I've been flat out like a lizard drinking at work lately—I barely have time to see my kids anymore.
2. adverb At the greatest possible speed, efficiency, or power. Primarily heard in Australia. We drove that car through town flat out like a lizard drinking. The whole team is working flat out like a lizard drinking to get this project finished on time.
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lot lizard

slang A prostitute who primarily or solely solicits sexual services in parking lots used by truck drivers. Primarily heard in US. Like clockwork, the lot lizards start scoping out potential customers as soon as the sun sets.
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lounge lizard

A man who frequents bars and clubs in an attempt to meet women. Primarily heard in US. That dive bar is filled with nothing but troublemakers and lounge lizards.
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viviparous lizard

A European species of lizard, so named because the females give birth to live young (as opposed to laying eggs). Today, we're going to study the viviparous lizard.
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a lounge lizard

  (mainly American)
a man who spends a lot of time trying to meet rich people, especially women, in bars and at social occasions The bar was empty except for the lounge lizard in the corner, who was obviously waiting for someone.
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lounge lizard

A man interested in snaring a wealthy woman. The phrase was first heard after World War I, when it was applied to musicians who performed in supper clubs and kept an eye out for susceptible women of means. As the century progressed, a man didn't have to be a musician; any well-dressed predatory male earned that phrase. Some say “lizard” referred to reptile shoes that were popular footwear; other say the word applies to the men's low-life character. “Lounge lizard” is the male equivalent of “gold digger.”
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Lizard sighed, then typed: The graceful auburn fox vaults over the merely napping dog.
Herpetology keeper Ruth Smith said: "Sand lizards are the UK's rarest lizard and populations in some areas are so low that we can't just rely on protecting the site, we have to help breed them to boost their numbers.
They studied the genes that turned on when the tail was regenerated in the green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis).
The Italian wall lizard, Podareis siculus, is an opportunistic, omnivorous, lacertid lizard native to Italy and the east Adriatic coast.
Fish and Wildlife Service in June, alleges that a controversial plan Combs' office oversees to conserve the lizard's habitat is not adequate, and that the lizard should be protected under the federal Endangered Species Act.
Among the most charismatic of that bunch was the island night lizard, originally thought to be nocturnal (it's actually just secretive).
The tiny Bell's anglehead lizard is native to south east Asia and Indonesia, although very little else is known about the elusive creatures.
A LIZARD was stolen during an overnight raid at a Merseyside pet shop.
Seth Godin is among those who have written about the lizard brain and its effects on innovation and productivity.
Previous studies have examined how foraging by the Texas horned lizard, Phrynosoma cornutum, may be influenced by rates of harvest of ants (Munger, 1984).
A RARE lizard survived a 3,000-mile flight in a freezing cold luggage hold - only to then be put through the wash by an unsuspecting holidaymaker.
As the market is aware, Kagara and Western Areas are parties to the Lounge Lizard Project Agreement pursuant to which Western Areas mines Kagara's Lounge Lizard nickel deposit (and blends the resultant concentrate with its own for sale under Western Areas' offtake agreements).
RHYS Ifans has refused a body double for the role of the Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.
DOZENS of sand lizards are being released back into their native habitat in an attempt to bring back the UK''s rarest lizard to areas where it has disappeared.
A BABY North American collared lizard, which resembles a mini-dinosaur, is settling into a new home at Dudley Zoo.