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What am I, chopped liver?

A semi-serious expression of frustration, anger, or indignation at having been overlooked and/or regarded as inferior. The phrase likely originated as a part of Jewish humor, referring to the serving of chopped liver as a common side dish (thus overlooked in favor of the main course), the taste of which many do not find appealing. A: "Mary is so smart, talented, and creative, I wish she were my best friend!" B: "And what am I then, chopped liver?" They said they wanted to hire someone else for the job. What am I, chopped liver?
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Cowardly or fearful. I'm not surprised that Tom didn't come to the rally—he's too lily-livered to defend his beliefs in public.

chopped liver

n. someone or something worthless. And who am I? Chopped liver?
See also: chop, liver


mod. cowardly. That lily-livered guy is up hiding under his bed till this blows over.
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