live within

live within something

1. to live within certain boundaries. Do you think you can live within your space, or are we going to argue over the use of square footage? Ted demanded again that Bill live within his assigned area.
2. to keep one's living costs within a certain amount, especially within one's budget, means, etc. Please try to live within your budget. You must learn to live within your take-home pay every month.
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References in classic literature ?
I must live within my income, or I shall be miserable; and I own it would give me great satisfaction to be able to do rather more, to lay by a little at the end of the year.
THE vast majority of people in England live within a 20 minute walk of their local GP, but even more live close to a pharmacy, putting them in a "unique position to deliver healthcare interventions", a study has suggested.
Perhaps the central location--ten million people live within a three-hour drive of Cincinnati and two thirds of the U.
And now the Guv wants to pass what he calls the Live Within Our Means Act so that he could make further education cuts.
Many coral polyps that make up shallow reefs draw much of their nourishment from algae that live within the polyps.
Approximately 500,000 people live within a 15-mile radius of the property.
Those with the highest concentrations tended to be 40-59 years old and to live within a mile of the defunct Farm Chemicals plant, the most contaminated of the sites.
Approximately 200,000 people live within a 100-mile radius, and about one million people live within a 170-mile radius.
Can San Francisco and its elected officials ever learn to live within their means or will they tax its businesses and residents out of existence?
If they had attended Tierra Bonita North, many of them would have had to walk to school because they live within the 1.
Instead, the animals gain energy from symbiotic bacteria that live within the cells of a gland in their esophagus, says Waren.
Seniors who live within central cities are being targeted to receive winter hats because national trends indicate that the neediest elderly live within city limits.
The RSNs' HD games will be broadcast by DIRECTV via a local market spot beam, and as a result, the RSN programming will be available only to those customers who live within the local DMA (designated market area) spot beam and the RSN team territory.
The brochure states that the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff's station is staffed by more than 140 sheriff's deputies who serve the unincorporated residents and those who live within the city limits.