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Boomers who live with their parents are considerably more involved on a monthly basis than boomers who do not: pharmacy visits (80%, live with vs.
Undeniably, boomers have many concerns about the impact of caregiving, and as with other survey findings, concerns are even more intense for those who live with their parents.
72% do not expect to move in order to live with someone else other than their spouse/partner (such as children, relatives, or friends) or for someone to move in with them during their retirement.
We designed Annuncio Live with the support of real-world marketers to create a robust, reliable and scalable internet marketing solution," said Didier Moretti, Annuncio CEO.
alleged insufficient disclosure in the Proxy Statement delivered to its stockholders on June 16, 1997, for the proposed Merger of LIVE with a buyout group led by affiliates of Richland, Gordon & Co.
Alta Vista's Web site will go live with the RealSpace technology today, and can be viewed at http://alta vista.