live for

live for (someone or something)

1. To live solely to help or support someone or something or to do a particular thing. I know you live for your kids, but it's important for them to see that you have your own interests. It's like you live for your work—don't you ever take a day off?
2. To be known for being particularly excited about something. A: "I'm just not hungry." B: "But you live for pizza night! Are you not feeling well?"
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live for someone or something

1. to exist for the benefit of someone or something. She just lives for her children. Roger lives for his work.
2. to exist to enjoy someone or something. She lives for her vacations in Acapulco.
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live for

To be enthusiastic about something: He lives for mountain climbing.
See also: live
References in classic literature ?
Here people understood that a man is in duty bound to live for himself, as every man of culture should live.
To live for myself avoiding those two evils is my whole philosophy now.
Pierre's modesty made him correct himself) "to live for others, only now have I understood all the happiness of life.
Because the live oak can live for such a long time, it is very important that it develops a proper trunk and branch structure early on.
We are thrilled to be working with Coca-Cola to present Instant Live for the upcoming moe.
The platform includes Annuncio Live for campaign management and automation and Annuncio Bright for web personalization and e-merchandising.
Michael Tighe LIVE for a TalkCity Online Chat Friday, 5.
amp;uot;We chose Annuncio Live for its ability to integrate with our internal databases, and because it offered us sophisticated measurement and reporting capabilities.
Following an extensive limited release program, Annuncio Software is now offering Annuncio Live for general market availability.
A major addition is a new keyword search engine, which can be used to scan AirMedia Live for stories containing chosen words or phrases.
Monday announced SnapBack Live for Microsoft Windows NT.
SnapBack Live for Windows NT provides backup and disaster recovery using CDP's True Image Technology.
CDP President, Alan Welsh said, "SnapBack Live for Windows NT provides a complete backup suite that allows full backup of a running NT server without dependence on any third party or added cost open file managers or database agents.
SnapBack Live for NT provides the user with features such as:
SnapBack Live for Windows NT creates a true image of all Windows NT server hard drives on tape.