live down

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live something down

to overcome the shame or embarrassment of something. You'll live it down someday. Wilbur will never be able to live down what happened at the party last night.
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live down something

also live something down
to do well so that others forget something bad you said or did Ken is still trying to live down his comment that most of what's on the Web now is crap. After the way she behaved at the office party, I don't think she'll ever be able to live it down.
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live down

Overcome or reduce the shame of a mistake, misdeed, or the like. It is often put in the negative, as in I'm afraid I'll never live down that tactless remark I made. [Mid-1800s]
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live down

To overcome or reduce some negative feeling about a negative event for which one is known. Used chiefly in the negative: You'll never live down the embarrassment of losing your bathing suit in the pool. I know you're not proud of your past, but you can't live it down by lying about it.
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Ninety percent of the battery is against women - slaps, kicks, push- downs, shoving against a wall, assault with a household weapon, even murder - often in front of children who never live down the abuse, Rhudy said.
TORY leader William Hague admitted on TV last night he would never live down his "ridiculous" party conference speech when he was just 16.
If you want to root for the Angels, then go and live down in Orange County with Mickey Mouse.
Bad Company'' would live down to its fittingly generic title no matter when it was released.
But the 24-year-old actress - who plays newspaper girl Lane MacKenzie in Savannah (ITV 9pm) - heaves a sigh of relief that she doesn't have to live down a raunchy screen image.
Gilbert is 6- foot-2 and 190 and had to learn to channel the emotion that caused conflicts with Missouri coach Quin Snyder and to live down his ``gunner'' reputation in the new role of point guard.
He had that ``punk'' reputation to live down (from life just this side of juvenile delinquency) and then he was accused of conspiring to fix a race at the Olympic trials so that his club teammate and close friend, Shani Davis, could get into the Olympics.
plays an NFL ref trying to live down a humiliatingly bad call at last week's big game.
Around the greater Denver metropolis, Elway has yet to live down the recent dissolution of his sporting-goods Web site, MVP.
Those, of course, would be the 1999 San Antonio Spurs, who have been trying ever since to live down insinuations by Lakers coach Phil Jackson and others that their lone NBA title deserves an asterisk because it came in a season chopped nearly in half by a players lockout.
Sadly, for all his greatness on the mound, Roger Clemens has stained his reputation with a cowardly and vicious act that he should never live down.