live among

live among someone

to live in a community with someone or a community made up of certain people. The anthropologist lived among the small tribe for two years. They lived among the Jivaro Indians for a brief period.
See also: among, live
References in classic literature ?
Should I refuse to know them now simply because I happen, for the present, to live among humans?
You cannot mean that you expect to return to live among them?
You could not live among such people; you are stifled for want of an outlet toward something beautiful, great, or noble; you are irritated with these dull men and women, as a kind of population out of keeping with the earth on which they live,--with this rich plain where the great river flows forever onward, and links the small pulse of the old English town with the beatings of the world's mighty heart.
Once again churches were built, priests came to live among the people, and the sound of Christian prayer and praise rose night and morning from castle and from hut.
May God help us because non of our political parties have the guts to do anything about the horrible people we live among.
com)-- They Live Among Us, the supernatural-based web series by creator Anne Lower, is scheduled to release the next 3 installments in its franchise, beginning July 17.
CDATA[ The vacuous agitprop mobs who march for the abstraction of "social justice" don't live among those for whose rights they agitate.
Many people believe it is not fair to live among murderers and drug dealers just for committing a minor crime," Osman said.
Why should we allow these monsters to live among us only to do it again and receive another ridiculous sentence again?
Gordon is such a handsome devil, a veritable sex god come to Earth to live among men, you can understand why he might feel that mere mortals are unworthy of his presence.
We all pay our council tax and I for one do not care that they have visitors, my only concern is that I have to live among this muck.
Now in a second edition slightly revised by the author, The Devil's Tale follows as Lucifer assigns his trickster son Loki to live among the Americans, infiltrate their ways, and get to know them better than any devil has.
In 1950, 9-year-old Marshall Thomas, along with her mother, father, and brother, came to live among these people.
But what he is actually saying, in a newspaper with "Catholic" in its title, is that Jesus is wrong, that some people are inherently unsuited to live among us, that, we, like Mr.
However, when an accident almost ends her life, Isabella finds out the truth about Edward and his family, a group of benevolent vampires who have chosen the misty city so that they can blend in and live among humans without discovery.