live above

live above someone or something

 and live over someone or something
to live in a place that is at a higher level than someone or something; to dwell directly over someone or something. We used to live above a small grocery store. Now we live over a student, who often has noisy parties.
See also: above, live
References in classic literature ?
And as strong winds will we live above them, neighbours to the eagles, neighbours to the snow, neighbours to the sun: thus live the strong winds.
Another class live above this mark to the beauty of the symbol, as the poet and artist and the naturalist and man of science.
We went back and went to the poorest 15 countries and really looked at what it cost to live above what we consider the extreme poverty line and what we found is that in today's dollars that number is $1.
A MAN with an alcohol and heroin problem who was sent to live above a pub by the probation service has been jailed for a year after hitting the booze and returning to drug dealing.
I also live above my premises - if they open until 10pm at night I'm worried about the effect it will have with the noise.
AN INNOVATIVE scheme for small enterprises which allows owners to live above their businesses has taken off in Warwickshire.
He added: "Remember, I live above the shop, as it were, so I find getting out of the shop, getting out of the office, going for a run round the park, that's a good stress-buster.
The one-hour show recounted the adventures of Ariel the mermaid and her desire to live above ground, nd the schemes of Ursula, the sea witch.
Luckily, I live above New Street so I only had to draw back my blinds and open my window to have the full effect.
I live above them so I know they are there, but perhaps if you're coming from elsewhere you wouldn't.
Take advantage of the business being located in a residential area and live above the business, of this two story establishment.
The two-story building is designed to be a live/work building where residents live above the place where they work.
Owners David Marsden and Lynne Jones, who live above the shop, heard the break-in and came down to see the thief running off with the till.
The rhetorical question is: "Is it easy to live above the common level of life?
If all of those people standing and applauding all of those ``promises'' were to be put into the Social Security program instead of ``Pay for Life,'' the Social Security program would be fixed in a heartbeat and we would get more money to live above the poverty level.