nothing short of

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nothing short of

At or near the same level of; equivalent to; exemplary of. Her latest book is nothing short of a masterpiece. The senator's remarks are nothing short of treason.
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nothing short of something

more or less the same as something bad; as bad as something. His behavior was nothing short of criminal. Climbing those mountains alone is nothing short of suicide.
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nothing short of

The equivalent of, the same as, as in His accusation is nothing short of slander. This term is slightly stronger than little short of, meaning "almost the same as," as in Her claim is little short of stupid. The first term dates from about 1800, the second from about 1830. Also see short of.
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little/nothing short of ˈsth

used when you are saying that something is almost true, or is equal to something: Last year’s figures were little short of disastrous.The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle.
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References in classic literature ?
To hint to such musked mariners of oil, and bone, and blubber, were little short of audacity.
They were horrified, for De Montfort's bold challenge was to them but little short of sacrilege.
Her escape seemed to them little short of miraculous, and it was the consensus of opinion that it could have been achieved by no other man than Tarzan of the Apes.
The consequence of this was, so severe a whipping, that it possibly fell little short of the torture with which confessions are in some countries extorted from criminals.
This was considered a good omen, and little short of miraculous.
It is one of the many methods in which they employ this weapon, and the accuracy of aim which they achieve, even under the most unfavorable circumstances, is little short of miraculous.
Yes, if you don't object to walking four miles - or nearly so - little short of eight miles, there and back - and over a somewhat rough, fatiguing road.
A certain gentleman"--he pointed at Crane's back--"won't drive in, but will wait a little short of the front gate, behind the laurels.
And now, as I hear you're a little short of brandy in the fore-part, I'll offer ye a change: a bottle of brandy against two buckets of water.
Thus far our escape had been little short of marvellous, nor did our good fortune desert us, for we passed the outer purlieus of the dead city and came to our camp without hearing even the faintest sound of pursuit.
To her, he was little short of omnipotent in his native world--this world of savage beasts and savage men.
If the young woman was surprised by the sight of these natural enemies fraternizing, it was with emotions little short of fear for her own sanity that she presently saw a tall, muscular warrior enter the clearing and join the group of savage beasts assembled there.
Of what moment was it to me, in filling the destiny of the linum usitatissimum, whether I grew in a soil a little more or a little less fertile; whether my fibres attained the extremest fineness known to the manufacturer, or fell a little short of this excellence.
The incident of the finding of that buried telegraph instrument upon the lonely Sahara is little short of uncanny, in view of your story of the adventures of David Innes.
Even Marilla was so excited that she couldn't help showing it--which was little short of being phenomenal.