bit off

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a bit off

1. Sickly, unwell, or out of sorts, either physically or mentally. You seem a bit off, Jim. Are you feeling all right? That dog on the corner looks a bit off. I think we should walk another way home.
2. Somewhat strange, incorrect, inaccurate, or substandard. A: "The rest of your portrait is coming along really well, but the hands look a bit off." B: "I know, hands are just so hard to draw!" The gameplay is great, but the graphics on the characters' faces are a bit off.
3. Of food, spoiled or rotten. These chicken breasts smell a bit off—I think we should throw them out.
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bite off

To use the teeth to pull off something. The bitten item can be named before or after "off." We had to take the dog to the vet after he bit off and ate a piece of a questionable-looking plant. Once the lollipop was soft enough, I bit it off the stick
See also: bite, off

*bit off

 and *little off
a little crazy; a little out of whack. (*Typically: be ~; find someone ~.) This guy's a little off, but he is harmless.
See also: bit, off
References in classic literature ?
They are rowed ashore in the boat, while the vessel stands a little off awaiting its return, the water being shallow.
But the boy declined the invitation until his master was apparently a little off his guard, when he darted in and seizing the weapon tried to wrest it from his grasp.
When I next attended to them, they were standing a little off from the bed, looking at me.
It lay a little off the churchyard path, in a quiet corner, not so far removed but I could read the names upon the stone as I walked to and fro, startled by the sound of the church-bell when it struck the hour, for it was like a departed voice to me.
It will be well to move a little off the road and put in the whole day drilling you, sire.
Serena Williams revealed that she is a little off ahead of the upcoming 2015 Australian Open while the top seed and world no.
Obvious chance if he takes to fences, but little in hand of two rivals and found little off the bridle last year.
Daniel has been brilliant for Liverpool this season but he has been a little off the boil in the last few games.
Check the shapes are the same by stacking the cakes one on top of the other and trimming a little off the sides if needed, then separate the cakes once more.
Boyfriend Kanye West was there during the delivery and cancelled his appearance at his own record release party when Kardashian told him she was feeling a little off.
A little off the beaten track but well worth a visit as it really is a little gem.
He said: "Rory's demeanour looks a little different and he is a little off with his swing.
The pacing's a little off and the script verges on daft, but there are spectacular stunts, stunning locations, lots of gunplay and tasty muscle-bound thespians (Diesel and Johnson) slugging it out.
Angelina said at a fan gathering in San Diego, California: "There's something a little off about her.
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