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litter something about

 and litter something around
to cast around something, such as trash, clothing, personal possessions, etc. Don't litter all that stuff about. I wish you wouldn't litter your trash around.
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litter something up

to mess something up with litter, trash, possessions, etc. Who littered this room up? Who littered up this room?
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runt of the litter

1. Lit. the smallest animal born in a litter; the animal in a litter least likely to survive. No one wanted to buy the runt of the litter, so we kept it.
2. and the runt of the family Fig. the smallest child in the family. I was the runt of the litter and the butt of all the jokes.
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pick of the litter

The best of a group, as in He was first in the ticket line so he had the pick of the litter. This term, alluding to the most desirable one from a litter of puppies or kittens, supplanted such earlier variants as pick of the market, pick of the parish, and pick of the basket. [Early 1900s]
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References in classic literature ?
She sat down at her writing table, on which stood miniature portraits and which was littered with books and papers.
The duplicity of Ministers, the treachery of mankind, the insult to womanhood, the setback to civilization, the ruin of her life's work, the feelings of her father's daughter--all these topics were discussed in turn, and the office was littered with newspaper cuttings branded with the blue, if ambiguous, marks of her displeasure.
She held the door open while they all entered a pretty sitting-room that was littered with all sorts of paper--some stiff, some thin, and some tissue.
The sea was littered with wreckage among which floated the pitiful forms of women and children, buoyed up by their useless lifebelts.
Presently a half dozen of them leaped overboard and swam to the mass of tangled spars and rigging which littered the beach.
Burley lay senseless, stunned by a blow from a mace, and half of the men-at-arms lay littered upon the ground around him.
A double line of glass-stoppered bottles was drawn up upon the wall opposite the door, and the table was littered over with Bunsen burners, test-tubes, and retorts.
According to the National Litter Index, in the past five years, WA has achieved a reduction of 26 per cent in the number of items littered and a reduction of 20 per cent in the volume of litter we produce, Mr Jacob said.
We don't want used plastics littered or landfilled, we want it back for recycling.
The survey shows that almost everywhere you go in the UK you are likely to see a littered Coke can or a Walkers Crisp packet.
An analysis of 7,796 items of litter has shown Coca-Cola is the single most littered brand, accounting for 4.
Dunnes Stores in Ballina, Co Mayo, was criticised as "by far the most heavily littered of all the sites surveyed in Ballina".