litter about

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litter something about

 and litter something around
to cast around something, such as trash, clothing, personal possessions, etc. Don't litter all that stuff about. I wish you wouldn't litter your trash around.
See also: litter
References in classic literature ?
He blinked at the litter around him, and recovered his own very clumsy umbrella.
Occasionally, he collects the litter around the clock.
The amount of students in the town who just leave litter around because they don't have to pick it up.
ON a daily basis recently I've witnessed raucous gangs of beady-eyed brutes tossing litter around the streets in a noisy freefor-all.
His question "When was the last time anyone got done for dropping litter around here?
Mr Cavanagh congratulated towns on their efforts to clean up but added: "The progress on litter around the country cannot mask the deficits in our cities.
There has been quite a bit of litter around Riverside of late and if the rugby goes according to plan on Saturday then I am expecting there will be quite a bit more by Sunday morning.
hold a giant whole school litter pick-up to launch the campaign (in support of the hypothesis that if there is no litter around then everyone is more likely to put their litter in the bin)
In New York the volunteers cleaned the lake trail and picked up litter around the lake areas at the Hempstead Lake State Park.
The participants also included children who used trash bags to collect litter around the sea shore.
And with foxes, cats, dogs, etc, all helping to spread the litter around the streets, the rodents won't even need to go to the bags themselves.
The Midcounties team lent a hand picking up litter around local streets, and in the field at Beacon Primary School, before the Christmas lights were switched on at The Square.
Yobs annoy and intimidate neighbours and park users with foul language and bad behaviour, scatter litter around and generally cause trouble after drinking to excess.
i-you-he-we-you-they-all, all of us would litter around like pebbles
Replacing the existing bins, the system will eliminate odours, scavengers and litter around collection points, thus improving the aesthetics and ensuring a cleaner environment for residents, said Majid Al Mansouri, the centre's Managing Director.